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Turmeric In Food Or Supplematation?

[ The addition of this centuries old healing spice that's been loved throughout time is easily accessible for us in a few forms to aid in healing and strengthening our health and well being! ]

If you've read my past blog called Turmeric the Real Superfood, you already know what a powerful spice turmeric is; if's been in all the papers! LOL LOL!! But, seriously, I can't tout the health benefits of Turmeric enough for liver support, fights arthritis pain in the joints, enhances digestion ( good for tummy issues), aids in healthy blood sugar levels, cardiovascular and neurological support, fighting inflammation ( and that's imperative for us Heavy Breathers! - Asthmatics), and it's anti viral, full of antioxidants that boost our our own healing enzymes so it's a double boost, and cancer fighting attributes! (and so much more) However, many people just can't take the flavor of turmeric so adding it into food, even with good fats to help it's absorption isn't an option for them. That leaves supplementing with Turmeric Capsules or Extracts. This begs the question, which is more effective?

[ Viiolet discovered the pain relieving effects of Turmeric for her headaches and now she's a convert preferring to consume a couple of cups of Golden Milk a day! ]

I've been using turmeric powder in my Golden Milk ( a mixture of turmeric, black pepper, ginger and a good fat like coconut oil or Ghee-clarified butter), a delicious and calming drink and a good way to get in a dose of this super spice! My Mom who's one who doesn't like the taste of turmeric has been touting the positive effects from taking Turmeric Supplements ( Her capsule milligrams are higher than the ones pictured above that I have). I'm thrilled that she's reaping the effects and passing on the blessing of this knowledge to her friends who also live with arthritic pain!

[ Here, Clawdie's helping her pal and LivingthruGrace Crew member with a Turmeric Capsule for her re occurring headaches. ]

[ Spreading the word on natural holistic ways to aid in our health and healing is another way of passing on blessings to others. :) ]

Here's the lowdown on the battle between turmeric capsules and the extract. The powerful property in turmeric is called Curcuminoid. If you're using the turmeric spice in cooking; one advantage is that it gets mixed with the fats and oils in the foods, which enhances the absorption and effects of the turmeric, because Curcuminiods are (Lipophilic) meaning they attach to fats. So cooking with this spice is tasty, gets absorbed well, and healing.

Consuming the Turmeric Capsule is equal to 1/2 to 1 teaspoons of turmeric. When you're shopping for a good turmeric supplement be sure to look for one without added fillers as turmeric's popularity has cause many companies to jump on the bandwagon and pull together chip versions mostly filled with crap and very little active turmeric.

[ Shopping for a good Turmeric supplement will afford you the most health benefits from this spice. ]

Some of the fillers used in turmeric supplements are caramel, caramel colors, glycerin and other oils. If you are allergic to Gelatin in which many of the capsules are made of, look for vegetable capsules instead ( also preferable for vegans). It's important to look for capsules that contain Bio Perine (black pepper) which is a catalyst for turmeric's effectiveness, and for maximum absorption.

[ Sometime it takes a few tries for our tastes for become used to an unfamiliar flavor, just as with a new routine, or anything else that we're not used to, so don't be afraid after a failed attempt with adding turmeric to meals; try, try again!! I wasn't an immediate convert either, but the more I used it, an making Golden or Turmeric milk, the more I adjusted to and now really enjoy it! :D ]

Turmeric Extract is a liquified form of turmeric. Using an extract you bypass the capsules or tablet issues of what else they may contain and the extract is absorbed straight into the system. It's referred to as full spectrum turmeric ( when buying extracts look for this on the lable), and the capsules are considered isolated spectrum because they're isolated within other ingredients and the capsule itself.

Some supplement brands will contain a combo of turmeric powder(spice) and an extract. The reason I like using turmeric as a spice is because it gets incorporated with fats and pepper for good absorption. However, when you take a capsule it's best to take with FOOD so that you're getting that boost from the fats (olive coconut, avocado oils as well as black pepper, and if there's no black pepper in what your eating, sprinkle some on a teaspoon while taking the turmeric because it's a necessity for making the turmeric bioavailable -better absorbed into our body. ( enhances it's ability for healing ) some people take their capsules with a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil, but that probably sounds gross, at least to me :D I'd rather have my oils made into my turmeric mixture, like my Golden Milk, or onto eggs and veggies :D

[ The bounty of healing spices and herbs that our Lord had provided for us is beautiful!]

[ Nature at it's best, healing from the earth combined with modern connivence if you so choose! :) ]

People with low blood pressure or pregnant women should avoid turmeric as it lowers blood pressure and can cause contractions. If you're unsure about taking turmeric please, by all means consult your health care practitioner. Wether you choose to take turmeric in supplement form or to just start incorporating it into your meals and drinks (it can be tossed into smoothies too :D, you'll be doing yourself and your body a favor and enhancing your health and ability to heal and detox, something that many cultures have been aware of for centuries! :)

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