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What’s On My Plate - Nutrient Dense 😋

( The Tuber🍠 Gang!)

Sweet Potatoes are fiber rich, full of antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium. I tend to eat intuitively and I can tell when my body's a bit low in certain nutrients because I'll start really craving certain foods of that nutrition profile. Lately I can't get enough of these Japanese sweet potatoes and since I am on the lower side of meeting my potassium requirements, this craving makes sense.

( Toss in some chocolate chippers 🍪 and we're there! )

At times I crave chocolate, ( I know, who doesn't right?😋🍫) but my magnesium levels are lower ( due to a healing leaky gut) and when I start having chocolate or other magnesium rich foods like, nuts which I've also had a serious hankering for lately. But, one can't just binge on chocolate all the time😂 so I've completed my protein shakes or smoothies and yogurt toppers with nuts, flax and or chia and pumpkin seeds; all are rich sources of magnesium.

It's important to learn to listen to your body, because it often has something to say on aiding management of its care!

( Love these Purples too! Sautéed collards Purple taters & fish bought frozen from Trader Joe's dunked in egg and seasoned gluten free flour)

Top left: Riced cauli- see pic bottom middle- These cauli packages are from Costco and much simpler to prep, as the cauliflower is already pretty dry out of the package☺️. I do a mix of half cauli and rice and either jasmine or brown rice for carb control🙄😄, and season it well with added good fats like avocado oil, ghee or a garlic infused olive oil. I use this cauli & rice (or whatever grain) I choose as my main base for meals like Mediterranean bowls, side dishes or tossing onto salads and into soups.

Top Middle: is the cauli-rice, roasted parsnips and carrots 🥕 and sautéed cabbage.

All about balance! Top right & Middle left: an Einkorn Flour chocolate chipper batter and finished bakes! Though I'm gluten free I can tolerate this flour. While it's not gluten free it's low gluten and is far less processed than traditional flour. It's not a daily part of my diet but an occasional one.😋

( Adding citrus to foods & drink helps meet the vitamin C requirements 🙌🏽)

Bottom left: A simple dinner of salad mix - a cruciferous mix with homemade dressing of tahini, lemon, raw honey ( full of nutrients 🐝 and gut helping ) sea salt and herbs. Along side a sautéed ground turkey and wild rice mashup☺️ with added frozen greens. I make this often because it's a nutritious easy whip up! Quick tip the wild rice was instant, for when I want it fast and tasty! Satisfying & Simple!

Bottom right: Of course a fresh green juice to start the day with! I love a vibrant very green juice, full of minerals and vitamins.

( 😄Yes I've done the brickstep! )

Middle Right: Any chance to display a Lego flower bouquet I take it! I accidentally became an

(AFOL)😄 that's adult fan of Lego. ( and it's Always Lego for singular and plural - so I've been informed 😂.

Have you injected a bit of fun into your life lately? Do it, it's stress reducing and joyful.

I aim to keep these posts shorter and sweeter these days. Simple meals and snacks don't need to be overwhelming or complicated to be nutrient dense. Make what you and your family enjoy, adding in healthy fats, fiber rich grains, protein and fruits & veg ( fiber too).

Having food allergies, I aim to make most foods unprocessed and ingredient safe while still tasty and enjoyable.

Eating foods with real ingredients and making my own foods like cookies and the like helps me to keep on track with my health management.

( Fast Food doesn't have to be Bad Food. Sometimes we want to just bake and break! ( meal break😆)

I hope these kind of posts encourage and inspire you to get in the kitchen👩🏽‍🍳 it doesn't have to complicated, and you don't have to spend hours meal prepping ( unless it works for your lifestyle ). We have a smaller size fridge now and can't fill it with foods and meal prep storage for multiple days.🤪. We also have to make space for medications that need to be kept cool, and liquids like milk, fresh juice etc...

Having simple foods on hand make tossing something together for a meal or snack a pleasure and lifestyle friendly.

( This new addition to our kitchen makes cooking bright and cheerful! There's nothing like a Dutch oven! )

Last point, with so much undo stress in our lives ( I'm talking to you Dark World! ) let's keep ourselves fueled with nutrient dense, health supporting food!🙌🏽


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