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Gut Health With Food Allergies

We've all been told about the importance of feeding our gut proper nutrients, and probiotics as well as prebiotics are an integral part of healthy and healing our digestive systems. However...🤔

Many of us have food sensitivities and allergies not only to certain foods, but Components of some foods.

FERMENTED Foods are one group that contain multiple ingredients that can trigger an allergic response that mayn't be instantly recognized if these components go unrecognized.

Most probiotic foods are fermented such as pickled veggies, sauerkraut, kimchi, cider vinegar or any vinegars For more Details check out our previous post titled Could You Be Experiencing Vinegar Sensitivities? 👀 Under Allergic Living🌾☺️. I go into specifics of the components of Vinegars and fermented foods and how they can trigger reactions.👏🏽👏🏽

So what's one to do if said foods are off limits for gut health? Firstly, you should talk with your Allergist especially if you're having reactions to foods not deemed allergic fo you. Like I stated, particular foods may not be the issue, but if that food was prepared in a vinegar based seasoning or covered in a sauce that may contain fermented items therein may lie the problem.

( Yep that's me, falling backwards down the Food Allergy rabbit hole, again! 🥴)

[ For example I had some skewered grilled chicken of my husband's but they were so tasty - WHO's been there Allergics?🤷🏽‍♀️] that I overlooked the fact that the chicken was seasoned with Vinegar as part of the seasoning.

I've said this many times but it's so important to learn what your food allergies are, and how your body reacts to certain ingredients. Keep a log of reactions and exact foods consumed or even take pics for a photo log, so you can investigate further in detail. This is very helpful, trust me.😌

Journaling can be a great tool to help manage inner thoughts and emotions, as well as stress. There's a connection between brain cognitive health and the physical act of putting pen to paper!

If it does turn out that fermented food components are an issue, inquire with your doctors about talking to a nutritionist, ( one who's familiar with food allergies and gut issues in specific would be ideal).

So now let's focus on what CAN be eaten for happy guts😊

It's best to rotate your foods to get a variety of gut healthy foods.

Good Fats equal good feeling guts! Allows an abundance of good gut microbes that help break down fiber foods.💩😁

Foods that are best Limited for Gut Health

Gut care isn't linear, it Can take some maneuvering of food and lifestyle habits. There's no one fit for everyone, so make the effort to know thy gut 🤔😉 so if you're feeling less than tummy happy, you can help your doctor to gain a feel for your personal digestive constitution.

Gut health is challenging for most of us these days, so small steady efforts to allow the body to created an environment where healthy gut microbes.


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