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More Unnoticed Asthma Triggers

Now that it's spring and summer it's important to keep on top of our Asthma Triggers. However, you may not be aware that there could be substances triggering your lungs that you'd have never thought would? Life with asthma is ever changing and so must we be.😆

Old collectibles and thrift store items: These items can be notorious for bringing microscopic asthma triggers into the home. Many times these items have not only dust, but hidden mildew and mold. This includes vintage and previously owned furniture, kids toys, art work and more.

It's important to not only visually inspect chosen items, but to thoroughly CLEAN them. There may be times when you've discovered mold that just can't be completely removed from an item. In that case its best to rid your home of them for lung health.

Water parks that are located indoors: These family amusement areas are warm and HUMID and are full of damp areas, not to mention the pool cleaning chemicals that are Magnified in inclosed spaces. It can be an asthmatic's nightmare. Prior to heading off to these places, make sure to take prescribed inhalers and your rescue inhaler, which of course you'll have with you.😁 But if you find yourself struggling to breathe, it would be wise to find an outdoor water park with fresh air for ventilation.

[ Me whenever I'm out and grass is being cut or hay or woorchips laid for business landscaping!😆 ]

It's that time of year to begin getting those lawns in shape, and many people and lawn services wil use Hay to lay down on the lawn to protect the grass seed from being eaten by birds. Hay is a big trigger for many with asthma. If it is, try and steer clear of hay exposure. If neighbors are using hay, wear a Mask; for you own protection.🫁

[ Yep, me exasperated over warm season exposures! 🤣 ]

Wood chips are another lawn, garden and playground item that may be a trigger. Wood chips are often dipped in substances that produce very strong scents that could interfere with breathing. If you're considering using them and you or your family have asthma, inquire at your local nursery or home improvement store on safer alternatives.

Art supplies like turpentine, markers with very strong scents ( sharpies for me😜), mineral spirits, certain glues, gouache paints, and pastel chalks/crayons that create a lot of dust, and varnish. When buying art supplies check labels for any warnings about allergens. Keep art supplies stored in well ventilated areas, that includes art papers, and rolls of papers that easily collect dust.

Citronella candles are popular for summer bug deterring, but if you find you're sensitive to these candles, or sprays avoid them. Citronella oil comes from a fragrant grass and of grasses are on of your triggers, its likely these candles will be too.

[ Spring and Summer's a good time to refresh those bookshelves and cases. We don't want pesky book lice and dust mites 🕷️hanging out in our libraries!😬 ]

Knowing your asthma triggers is imperative, but it take time and experience. Keep track of what you believe may be a trigger so you have some context to refer to for you and your doctor. Making consistent adjustments in your environment will help to stave off asthma attacks, and keep us out of emergency wards and breathing easier.

Now that's Asthma Smart Living!


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