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Life the Way We Were Created to Live…

The healthy and strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it.  Whether he’s got an abscess on his knee or in his soul. ~Rona Barrett


It seems as though every couple of weeks theres some new diet, or warning not to eat certain foods you’ve eaten throughout life (like eggs or coffee!  Eat more protein, eat less etc.. :{} ).  As we progress there have been new and  countless ways to clean, freshen your home, laundry, new cleanses for the body,and semi-insane things we (Ought) to be doing to achieve optimal health.


Taking care of ourselves and our environments needn’t be so complicated! How did our grandparents and their parents Ever survive?  Our Lord set up this world perfectly prepared for the care rejuvenation, and renewal of our body and lives. He provided us with Natural plants, and other foods for consuming, herbs and oils for assisting with healing and scripture for the consistent renewal and growth of our mind and spirit.


Yes, we live with much more stress in our current global world today, and unfortunately along with that came the need for connivence  products, food,  restaurants, fast ways of living etc.  The beginning of the industrial age brought on chemical filled household products, processed foods where the natural nutrients were extracted out only to be added back in; they called it Fortified!  Factories sprung up polluting our air and raining toxins into our oceans.


Modern living has resulted in more diseased bodies, toxic food and land than ever.  All of these problems were then countered by ‘fixing’ these problems with prescription drugs for absolutely everything. (Unfortunately many come with symptoms that bring on other problems).  So many degenerative diseases have been caused by nutrient stripped, processed, chemically altered foods being regularly consumed, toxic products for our homes ( Fabreeze anyone?), and ones applied to our body.


It’s time to reset, detox, and re order our lives for optimal health and living. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, in fact, it’s pretty simple!  We need to revisit the habits of generations of times gone by.  Here is where we will dive into the pool of fresh, whole, organic (when possible), real nutrient packed foods, non toxic products for our homes bodies and even pets!


We’ll explore how assist the healing process of our bodies, through stress management, breath work and exercises, nutrients, and health management. ( By no means do i want you to stop taking medicine for medical conditions prescribed by your doctor, always consult your physician with your concerns). Holistic and medical care can co-exist peacefully with open communication between patients and doctors and health practitioners.


Let’s proceed together in the re structuring our cells, rebuilding, and strengthening our bodies and spirits through small and consistent changes, and the glorious grace of God!

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