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Can Eating Less Help With Asthma?🤔

There is an abluterol shortage for asthmatic and those with long conditions, so it's imperative that we take smart care of ourselves to help keep those pesky attacks at bay!

One thing I've found to help (along with bloating and gut problems) has been intermittent fasting. Eating between a certain hour window such as 14 / 8 or 16/ 6 really helps with better control, and a happy tummy.

[ some of my favorite cookbooks, including meat and plant based. New recipes inspire good eatin' 😋]

Intermittent fasting is basically time restricted eating during a certain amount of time. It's fasting, temporarily to allow the gut spaceto properly manage food production without bombarding the tum with multiple snacks and meals it doesn't need. I eat on a 14 or 16 fasting hour and 6 to 8 hour open window for meals. ( pretty simple really), I don't restrict what I eat

[ other than my food allergen staples!🤪].

When I began this intermittent journey, it was for digestive issues and I noticed a big improvement with both digestion and asthma control.

A full or over - full stomach can contribute to bloating ( with or without digestive issues), as it puts pressure on the diaphragm which assists in our breathing. (It feels like our internal organs are getting squashed!😮‍💨) This can lead to shortness of breath😦🫢.

Simply eating less even without any fasting schedule can make a difference with asthma control. Also limiting foods that can be gas producing like cabbage, beans or what foods cause you to bloat. Don't cut out whole healthy food groups, just consume in smaller amounts.

It takes discipline, establishing a new routine and time for form new eating habits, but promoting less work for our tummies, for good asthma control is so worth it.☺️. Keeping a food journal can help track how certain foods effect your breathing and how much your actually consuming.

Don't forget to keep up with hydration! Our over mucus filled asthmatic airways will be so appreciative.😌🫁

Try and notice if your breathing becomes a bit labored after a big meal, or too much snacking. You may not feel as if an attack is coming on - yet, but labored breaths can lead to them.


Asthma requires management of multiple lifestyle habits, but with consistency and awareness of our health and changes that occur, we can live better by breathing better. And that's Asthma Smart!

Check with your doctor about any medicine changes that may be necessary for your asthma regarding shortages.

We can do this!


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