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Are Smoke Enhanced Foods & Atmospheres Safe for Asthma?🫁

( I hope this lil' guy doesn't have asthma! Either way he doesn't seem to care!😁 )

Can Liquid Nitrogen put your asthma at risk? Let's find out.

Liquid nitrogen is an extremely cold colorless, odorless Chemical fluid added to some foods to create smoke effects. It's also added to foods like ice cream and berry dust to sprinkle on foods for decoration by freezing and crushing berries. ( Liquid nitrogen is also used as medical treatments for freezing warts and treating skin cancers.)

( 😂 )

Foodie examples of this would be the popular dragon's breath candy ( a fruit flavored cereal frozen in liquid nitrogen, that when placed in the mouth gives the appearance of breathing smoke😮‍💨) available in many malls across America. These candy treats along with other novelty food items can and have triggered asthma attacks in kids who've consumed them.

Bartenders have used liquid nitrogen for ages to create those smoky cocktails.

( What's more comforting than a hot cuppa something?!😉 )

While most people ( kids & adults alike ) experience no effects from this compound, those with asthma, sinus and other lung conditions may be more sensitive even to shortened exposure of this cold vapor gas, that has resulted in asthma attacks and nasal irritations. Whether your asthma is well controlled, and mild or not, liquid nitrogen can irritate the airways and that's a direct route to an attack. See our past post on Asthma & Cold Foods & Drinks to learn more about how cold foods can effect asthma☺️ )

The smoke effects in haunted on some amusement park rides and houses this time of year can have similar effects. Keep prepped with your asthma arsenal, rescues, meds and a traveling nebulizer to keep from traveling to the emergency!

Keeping informed is the best way to stave off asthma attacks for better breathing!

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