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Asthma & Cold Foods & Drinks

( 😂😂😂. Asthma airways on icy drinks)

Have cold foods or drinks affected your asthma life? Let's find out the deets to keep out lungs happy!🫁

Having asthma requires a mindful balancing act of lifestyle adjustments to keep it managed, and controlled.

Temperature matters; that includes indoor/outdoor temps and that of the foods and drinks we consume.🥴

Consuming cold drinks or foods aren't an allergic response per se, meaning it's not research backed that cold foods and asthma don't play well together, but our bodies can and will let us know when something's interfering with our lung life!

Someone with asthma may notice an increase in chest tightness and coughing right after drinking or eating cold foodstuffs. ( I do almost immediately 😵‍💫🙄 ). This is caused from a temporary bronchospasms - that familiar tightening of our airways) that occurs during an asthma attack. This is our body's natural reaction to cold air entering our lungs, however for those with asthma, this could bring on an attack due to the bronchodilatons.

Not everyone with asthma will experience this, but many do and are unaware why after having cold goodies this happens😮‍💨 Putting too much ice in my smoothies even, causes this reaction with me.🙄🙄

You need to know your body and it's reactions, because for some, the initial coughing and tightness may go away as the body adjusts to the cold food/drinks. But if you're experiencing these reactions each time icy cold drinks/foods are consumed, it's better to steer clear for the sake of better breathing.

Room temp, and warm ( but not scalding hot) drinks are easier on the lung system and relaxing to boot! If you're in the middle of asthma flares, or have an illness like flu or something effecting your system and airways it's best NOT to drink or eat cold foodstuffs.

Keeping those lungs and airways hydrated is always important, and if you're consuming dehydrating drinks like caffeinated coffee, or teas, double up on that hydration to keep dehydration away!

Let's live Asthma Smart and keep breathing better together!

Stay tuned for our next post on Liquid Nitrogen in Foods and the dangers on lung 🫁 health!😯

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