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Allergic Life Smart Living Tips & Bits

For years I’ve reacted severely [ asthma attacks, redness in the face extreme coughing ] to vinegar and vinegar based products, and doctors didn’t know why. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I have the why now🤔, vinegar is a Fermented product.

This condiment may liven up foods but if you’re sensitive; not our lungs!🫁😵‍💫

A serious reaction to vinegar is NOT due to an Allergy, but a Food Intolerance. 🫁🥴.

Vinegar can cause symptoms that mimic an actual Allergic Response, but…it’s NOT an allergen specific Immune Response,

E(IgE) ~ which are immunoglobin antibodies that protect the body from allergens, and can cause more severe allergic response‼️


Reactions to vinegar is from a Sensitivity to one or more of vinegar ingredients:

Sulfites ~ Asthmatic’s Kryptonite!🫢. Sulfites are food preservatives added to foods to extend shelf life. 😯 Fermented Foods contain sulfites, this includes Vinegars!

[ This is why it’s so important to read those ingredients. Jarred peppers, hot sauce and more may and often do contain vinegar and or sulfites. I’m not privy to many tasty sauces we have, fortunately my hubby is😆 ]

🫁Foods such as Vinegar, including Balsamic & Cider Vinegar, Mayonnaise [ both traditional and vegan ] which contains vinegar as well as Salad Dressings, Pickled Foods like pickles 🫒 Olives, Kimchi, Relishes, Capers, and many sauces; Coconut Aminos all contain vinegar. 😒Alcoholic drinks like beer🍺 wine🍷and cider, and this includes Gluten Free libations.

Consuming foods with sulfites can result in getting concentrated amounts building up in your system to cause a reaction.

[ Spader - or I should say Reddington😁 communicates our Allergic Living moods perfectly! ]

Salicylates ~Often trigger food responses for both those with food allergies/intolerances, and asthmatics.

Chances of having a Salicylate sensitivity are higher for those with Asthma ( oh goody🙄), Nasal Polyps and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Histamine~ Though we produce histamine, added histamine from foods ( high in histamine ) can cause an overproduction of mucus that can cause problems for allergies and asthma.

Acetic Acid ~ The compound which gives vinegars their familiar zing🥗, alcohol and even some cleaning products can contain this compound.

All of these are components of Vinegar that can cause unwanted reactions, and because vinegars are so widely used in so many products, it’s important to keep on top of what’s in your food.🥘

This is why making food at home is so much safer because we can Control what goes into it!☺️. Remember even if dining out; when in doubt eat something before or Bring Your Own!

Remember not everyone who has asthma, and allergies will react to vinegar products, but if you're flaring more often check out your condiments, and drinks and start investigating if Vinegar is the culprit! Check with your allergist too☑️

Knowledge is Power that will keep us eating and breathing better!👏🏽

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