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Asthma and Alcohol ~Do They Mix?

For many people alcohol can trigger an allergic reaction in people with asthma and some without.

Alcohol induced reactions range from:

( Perhaps some flavored bubbly water instead?! Here's to our lung health! )

The most common alcohol to trigger asthma is wine. Sulfites are preservatives in wine ( and other alcohol ) production to help control bacteria and yeast growth and sterilize wine barrels.However, Sulfite Sensitivity isn’t listed as a ‘true’ allergy because they don’t trigger our immune system. But sensitivities can induce an asthma attack.

Ethanol another compound in alcohol can be problematic as some people can’t break it down. Symptoms of ethanol reactions are:

Histamines are another compound found in Red wine in particular that causes alcohol symptoms.

While not everyone with asthma or other lung conditions will react to alcohol, many do but are unaware of it. Keep notice of your asthma, if you feel shot of breath or any other symptoms listed above. If you find that you’re experiencing ANY of the symptoms, talk to your doctor. In fact, it’s smart to speak with your doc Before you indulge in libations to be sure you don’t run into any asthma issues.

If it’s been established both by you ( through known reactions ) and your doctor to steer clear of alcohol, it would be wise to heed that advise. Nothing’s worth an asthma attack.

It’s important for teen and young adults ( many who drink often ) with asthma to learn about the effects of alcohol related asthma triggers and why they should avoid them.

[ Portable nebulizers are great to take along with you everywhere you go. Amy medical supply store, or Amazon carries them. Check with your pharmacist too. ]

Of course make sure, if you’ve been exposed to have your asthma meds on hand, including your nebulizer for immediate treatments.

If you’re taking asthma meds daily check with your doctor to learn if it’s safe to consume alcohol. ( This is even if you don’t experience alcohol-asthma reactions ).

Being Asthma Smart is keeping informed and adjusting lifestyle to make decisions that support our asthma health!


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