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ENT- Specialist For Asthma Help

ENT is an ear, nose, and throat specialist, and here can be another avenue to better Asthma Control!

Asthma can require tackling multiple angles to track down its triggers and it can be a frustrating road to travel. Having a team of specialist such as an allergist, Pulmonologist and or an ENT specialist can make the difference of asthma somewhat controlled to great control on a consistent basis. Inquire with your health care provider about referrals to any one or all of these types of doctors to help get to the bottom of those asthma attacks.

Often ENT's consult with Allergist's and Pulmonologist's, ensuring proper tests and diagnosing so you're getting complete care. I call it the Asthma Trifecta 😁.

ENT doctors look for EAR Nose and Throat issues that can happen alongside asthma that may trigger symptoms. Some disorders can effect the airways and make asthma worse, so treating these conditions may be crutial for good asthma management.

ENT's are trained in performing surgeries, and both Allergist and ENT's are trained in medicine with years of training along with training in their specialty area. Allergists utilize methods that don't require surgery with medications, allergy testing, avoidance, and immunotherapy ( allergy shots), and lung function tests to measure how well you're taking in and processing air. Allergists can also assist with lifestyle adjustments for better breathing.

Pulmonologist is a doctor who specializes in lung health and conditions. They are trained to diagnose and treat diseases of the lung and respiratory system. You may or may not be required to see a pulmonologist. Your allergist or primary care doctor will advise for further treatments.

Getting well rounded care can be the tipping point to controlling asthma and living a better quality of life. Let's kick asthma's suffocating butt with knowledge and actionable steps!!

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