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Remember Before Internet?.

[ Who remembers the satisfaction of flipping through library card catalogs? We had to walk the miles for our knowledge! ]

I'd like to begin sharing bookish moments, sayings, poems and whatnots that inspire, uplift and bring light into the day. This note on Simple Living is just what we need...

I sit out in the open at night, after a shower of rain when the whole air is murmuring and tinkling with the voices of crickets and grasshoppers and little frogs. There is the melodious sound, a swift repeated trill, which I cannot place. Perhaps it is a tiny tree frog. Or it may be a small green cricket. I shall never know.

I'm not sure that I really want to know. In an age when a scientific and rational explanation has been given for almost everything we see, it is good to have a mystery, a mystery sweet and satisfying and entirely my own.

A Book Of Simple Living

-Ruskin Bond

That's something worth taking a little time to chew on!☺️


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