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Putting Focus on a Bit Of Joie de Vivre!

Gratitude is the best inoculation against discontent. In a world that can often feel highly incentivized to cultivate our perpetual dissatisfaction, this inoculation is a welcome remedy. - Nina Plummer - Still Slow Home

In out world today if we don't make the effort to cultivate both an inner and outer life which brings about some measure of joy, we'll become like flowers without sun or water, wilted and stilted within this darkening vortex that is our earth.

Focused prayer life, one which keeps us connected to our Father is the greatest necessity for watering our spiritual life, nurturing our soul. God breeds Contentment- sans any outer circumstances. Striving for this is a lifelong commitment and goal, 🤪 but without it nothing else will satisfy, strengthen or allow us to understand our lives and our place in them.

Book Shown: The Twelve Gifts From The Garden - Charlene Costanzo

Magazine: In Touch Daily Readings and Devotions

[ Joie A Parisian's Guide To Celebrating The Good Life by Ajiri Aki ] - A simple and beautiful book on appreciating new and gratitude. ] oh and when your nails match your book..good times.

[We love small plate meals. Let this French version - From the book Joie inspire you to mix things up a bit. You're worth it! ]

One thing I've been more closely recognizing is to stop and be, but not just to be, but to Etre - to enjoy just being.

{ Even if those moments can't be enjoyable, the body and spirit requires moments of etre..}

Ok, I didn't make these but I love to flip through this book ⤵️ and plan out what I'll one day make 😆. But We can always just buy these delicious French cookies to dress up a tea/coffee break or dessert!

Note📌 For those with Food Allergies make sure to read the lables because not all macarons are Gluten Free! ( & free of other allergens for your health) This is some of the reason I have this book, ( besides it being one of the most beautiful books I own), so I can make my own and sub out the necessary ingredients!

Book- Macaron by Pierre Herme

The French have the right attitude! Joie de vivre - the joy of simply living! I know that the darker our world becomes, capturing our 'Joie' can be more and more difficult. This is why it's important to remain a part of God's Word, His household where we can seek refuge within His fortress; always and especially when our circumstances aren't ideal; when we're mourning, when we're afraid, when we do not understand what's going on around us... God knows-- and we must Trust in Him always. His character is unchanging as is his love for us.

Psalm 91 :He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High

will abide in the shadow of the Almighty

I will say to the LORD, “You are my refuge and my fortress,

my God, in whom I trust.”

Being part of God's household is a privilege and a comfort like no other As in being part of any household, relationships, communication is required. Keeping contact throughout out day, keeping our spiritual Wi-Fi always ON! Power down from the world to recharge!

[ Even a simple cup of coffee can offer up a smile, sometimes literally?☺️ ]

It's so important nowadays to grab some idle moments to unplug. I've not always been able to embrace this concept as it's my nature to go-go-go🤪. However, God has been leading me to stop running and Listen & SEE... for years! New habits are taking place within - hey; spiritual growth takes persistence and time😉 and though not always easy, my levels of Gratitude have increased exponentially. I'm a bit type A 😬😆 so my changes and lessons come by way of God's mighty patience!😂🙌🏽

I love reading but sometimes it's nice to be read to and any platform such as Audible ( Not sponsored ) or any of the free listening options as your local library or,

Two of my favorite apps are Pigment art app and Art Set. Both offer pretty realistic drawing and coloring experiences. I prefer actual pen to paper but I've recently connected with what these apps have to offer.☺️.

Reading and getting creative always help reset my brain to calm.

A few current reads☺️📚

Sacred Spaces by Carley Summers A wonderful book on how life's traumas can shape the way you order and design your home 📌

Women Of The Bible Speak by Shannon Bream.

The Importance of Living by Lin Yutang

Kindle Paperwhite- endless books on everything!😆. -- I love a vintage book with old time classy ways and means☺️📚. Clothes Pegs by Susan Scarlett

As we bear witness to a world guided less by values and more by cultural and political narratives, keeping grounded is necessary for Godly, thinking as it is for critical thinking. Choosing to stop for Sabbath moments,

( check in time with the Lord ), creativity in any form, laughing, going for a walk, whatever your jam may be, stop to notice your surroundings. These are teaspoons of nourishment!

Bringing a little sweetness into life is never a bad idea!😉

Butterfield's Hard Candy ( but not so hard that you can't chew them if you want😋) are made with nothing artificial and natural fruit flavoring and multiple fruit flavor choices. We always have these on deck!

The latest little beauty adopted into our household. Just looking at it brings me joy. Caring for plants...☺️✨ Thanks God!

[ Shown above Pique Matcha tea & Pique Mint Green tea - Not sponsored - ]

[ Whole Cardamom seeds, Trader Joe's Vanilla Bean Paste - ( worth it ), Frontier Five Spice Powder and Monkfruit Sweetener 😋] make for a tasty matcha latte! I love it just plain iced too.😉

Slower times with the Lord and tea. The act of making tea makes me focus at a slower pace. Getting lost in the sights, scents and warmth help bridge the gap between my world and God's.

The scent of fresh Cardamom seeds crushed brings the present moments upfront, at attention. Love that smell! Sometimes I just crush a few and leave them near me for scent effect.

Lately I've been back onto Matcha tea, (I've been using Pique and other matcha teas on and off for years), with its creamy texture ( hot or iced☺️) keeps me alert sans the caffeine effects 😵‍💫 of traditional teas. No shakes from slow release matcha caffeine! Woo-hoo!

I enjoy the act of playing around with different spices and flavors like Vanilla Bean Paste during matcha rituals...

I treasure times with teas and coffee ☕️😋

These are a few things that make those slow down times - slower- and enjoyable.

Taking care of ourselves is a must, I hope this inspires you even in some small way to bring on your Joie de Vivre! Ooh-lala!


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