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Let Your Inner Whimsy Out!

Let's face it, life's more challenging now than ever. Our brains 🧠 need a respite like our body requires. This post is a little reminder to let go and dive into that whimsical side you've been keeping on ice!

Whimsical: playfulness in a unique manner, light fanciful

Whimsical begets freedom, fun, the unexpected


[ She's pretty photogenic don't ya think? ]

Mr. Peanut was a part of my childhood and bringing him back, his fun and frolly makes me smile every time I pass by this tin I found on eBay. He lives in our kitchen along with a plucky chicken

I've named Mrs. Kitchen because she's our kitchen chicken.😆 ~ say that 5 times!

A pomegranate pillow, because why not?!😁. It makes me laugh every time, ( don't we need more of that?) Not to mention it's a hook rug pillow, I appreciate the hand craft🥰

I'm naturally pretty creative but my home decor is calming, and mostly neutral tones ( which we love), however, as of late I've been so inspired to loosen up and bring some whimsy, some of our naturally silly personality into our home, or wherever else it may appear! 🙃

Books: Veggie Power ~ Not just for kids and stunning art quality images. Unique history of veggies

Candy A Century Of Panic And Pleasure ~ Samira Kawash

Coffee Gives Me Superpower ~ Ryoko Iwata :A fun I for graphic book all about coffee!

The Book Of Chocolate ~ HP Newquist : The Amazing Story Of The World's Favorite Candy.😋

On Beauty And Faith~ Alabaster : Combins beautiful pictures along with finding real beauty as God defines it. Amazing Read!

The Bible Study New Testament ~ Alabaster : A beautiful way to dive into God's Word☺️

Indulging in acts of whimsy, discovering your creative side, remembering how to be silly is nurturing for our whole health. Levity reduces stress and we all need a big dose of that!!

  • Bookshelves with apothecary jars full of candy 🍭 and lozenges because asthma keeps a mouth dry!

  • A bookstore within a bookcase ☺️📚 Did you expect anything less from a bookworm?

  • Lego flower bouquet because...Legos!🤸🏽‍♂️

  • I found my old cone puppet that has a backstory for my hubbs and I!🥰

  • We've always had jars and drawers stocked with sweet yums 😋

For me it's been rethinking some of my decor, and adding splashes of color to my wardrobe

( yeah, I'm 'neutral Nancy' there too💁🏽‍♀️😆, but that's because I get plenty of color in my creative endeavors with art🎨🖍).

[ When was th last time you did this?]

The small acts of whimsy added into our home is making us laugh and remember...funny incidents and times bygone☺️ These things add life to our life as we look back forward to making more memories with loved ones.

I'd love to get into some 'unexpected wallpaper!!😯🤭

My husband picked up this bit of sunshine for me during the early stages of the pandemic. I toss him anywhere around the house. He's a guaranteed smile raiser!

[ Fall down your OWN rabbit hole! ]

Whimsy in the home, in creative pursuits, play reading favorite childhood books, or switching up your usual book genre to one you'd never have chosen; there are countless ways to include whimsy, levity, a sense of wonder and fun into our lives.

Our world may be growing darker, but we have tools 🛠 to strengthen 🙏🏽✨and aid in bring light into our lives. I hope this has inspired you in some way to get ya whimsy on!

Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy.

~Psalms 47:1


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