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Finding Joy In The Lord In Lieu Of Circumstances

[ Putting our best ‘foot’ forward to live life with courage, humility, honor and grace…]

I want to convey a sense of hope for us all. A loving reminder that we will always have peace with us in this life and beyond because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Conditions around the world look bleak, and the weight of it all can feel like carrying an elephant on our backs at times. But Let's remember that God has outfitted us with clothing that we needn't ever remove:

The Belt of Truth ~ Satan's lies can often be disguised as 'truth' the actual 'fake news'. God's truth - our belt that 'tighten's our faith is the only way to combat Satans lies.

Helmet of Salvation ~ Our helmet protects our minds from creeping doubts, from trials and tribulations. The enemy wants our doubt, but our helmet of Salvation is the best head topper we can wear!

Breastplate ~ God spilled the blood of his Son for us. We are worth so much, much more than anything, or anyone on earth could provide for us. Satan aims at our heart, and emotions, attempting to create a sense of worthlessness, of the need for approval, validation, and will work his jedi mind tricks on us to get us to act inlays to accomplish that futile chase. Our Breastplate is God's right living, right thinking, and right behavior.

Shield of Faith ~ To believe, to see beyond our life circumstances, to recognize that we are living for life eternal is our faith in our Lord God. Satan will use all forms of temptation, trials, he will insult, cause doubts and anger to get our attention to drop our shield and follow his prompts. We carry that shield to ensure our Victory!

Sword~ God's Word, His truth is our sword with our responsibility to keep it sharpened to slice through Satan's effects, and influence. It is our offense to defend against the enemy.

Shoes ~ Our For given ability to share Gods word and his messages are the biggest part of our walking through life ~ in our faith filled shoes. Satan and our world, especially now will attempt to intimidate, stonewall, and even crush our right to be the church, the body of God to spread and connect through and for Him. Our shoes are made strong in our faith and against the enemy of any kind. Our shoes will help us walk this journey in God's truth not the worlds!

It's simple wisdom, but no easy feat for us in this fallen world. It takes work, discipline, dedication, and the love of our Lord to function on any level of proficiency. It also requires humility on our parts to recognize our brokenness, our weakness, and that God uses those traits for his good and ours.

Let's wear our God - Powered uniform with thankfulness, reverence for the one who clothed us with such powerful garments for our covering throughout our lives!

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