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Books Bring Life to Our Lives

It’s not the book in my life, it’s the life in my books! ~ LivingThruGrace

To read is the road to a better existence, a broader mind, a creative spirit, it’s a journey both outside of and within ourselves...

Books intrigue us…

Books take us back to our past…

Books and their beauty extend into art

[ When your books match your outfit and bookshelf items! ]

Books both modern and ancient lore, act as home decor!

Books are so dandy, the can match your favorite candy!

Books drop us down into ‘hole’ worlds of adventure…

Books deepen our spirit, make our lives richer.

This includes E Readers and Books, certainly not to be left out, to purchase and borrow from libraries about!

Books bring on the tea parties ~ With rabbits and mad hatters!

Books engage our food senses, allow us to enjoy what matters.

Books take us back in time, tell us sorrowful tales

Books engage us in time and how our time and our lives are intertwined...

Books teach sensitivity about our differences and alert us to hang on to our individuality.

Books story up conspiracy in graphic novel form, they cause us to think outside the box of what is taught as the norm.

Books can be so classy in their colorful classic presence

Funny book jokes and punny literature fun for this lit chick residence!

Caffeinated book love, mystery’s my favorite one 🥰

Books and coffee/tea ~ What better combo? Well... maybe some cookies!

My ode to books 📚 is a pleasure, to give back so much of what books do for us. I hope you enjoy this visual book chat 😊 Reading is where it's at!

Bookworm life!


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