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Book Review of whispers of rest! By Bonnie Gray

A resort for the soul...

[ Hey everyone check out Bonnie Gray's awesome book and podcasts too ! ]

When Piper (above )and I first received this book, I was honored and grateful to be a part of something which aids in bringing people closer to the Lord. Bonnie has been blessed with a talent for reaching others through written and spoken word.

[ Piper's already benefiting from the wisdom of the Lord and the creativity of Bonnie! ]

Whispers of rest is a 40 day soul journey that provides you with the space to disconnect from our lives for the moment and to reconnect with with something bigger than us, something that comes before the business of our lives and priorities; it carries us to our Lord. We are taken through lush chapters filled with God's word, comforting prose, journaling experiences, and something called Trail Notes.

[ Willow was lent Piper's copy of whispers of rest and it's just what she needed! she's ready to settle in and get some soul care! ]

Trail notes, (my favorite parts! ) are ways to care for ourselves in ways we probably don't take time out for but desperately need for our total well being. Journaling has been proved to be an effective mode of emotional self care in a private space between you and your journal, and the Lord (or to yourself, if you're simply journaling your feelings). I've always journaled and find it cathartic and it also helps my creative process! :D

Bonnie reminds us that our journey isn't to a fixed place or way of being, but to Christ and our intimate relationship with him. I (and the LivingthruGrace Crew) look forward to each chapter to experience another link in the chain that links us to God and his love for us.

One of my recent favorite Trail Notes are to buy flowers for yourself! I used to do this often ( or they were given to me by my hubby :D) buy as of late flowers have been something neither one of us have thought about lately in our rushed lives! ;D I can't wait for this weekend to get to the flower market to pick out a bouquet of God's gifts to us!!! I'll post a pic on Instagram afterwards!!

[ Willow and Danica discussing Bonnie's Book. I think they're pretty excited about it! ]

[ It looks like we need copies for all of the Livingthrugrace ladies! :D ]

As you can see the ladies are just as eager as I am to dig into the rest of this book! Sometimes I'm behind on reading a chapter but I always feel better when I finally do settle down for a whisper of God's grace from Whispers of grace!

One of the moment's that still stands out to me from this book is a story Bonny tells about she and her husband when they began dating. The story was a parallel on God accepting and loving us completely and just the way we are. I carry that story with me so when I'm feeling 'some kind of way' :) I rewind back to it and it gives me the soul boost I need. Thanks Bonnie for that :}

Lately I've allowed life to get the best of me emotionally, and confidence wise... Digging into whispers of rest helps me to reset my way of thinking and restores my 'spiritual amnesia' to fully remember how much God want's a relationship and loves me. I am forever grateful to Bonnie for this. :)

If you're on the fence about picking up another book or feel pressed for time, take the time because it will be worth it. I don't always read through a chapter at the start of my day like I'd prefer, but I do make sure that I get my chapter time in before the day's end!!

Do yourself a favor and hop on over to to order and download your bonus gifts too!

Whispers of rest....Let's help one another remember to rest in Him.

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