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Book Review: French Milk by Lucy Knisley

No two persons ever read the same book. ~Edmund Wilson

[ London enjoys travelogues, here she dives into French Milk the book :D ]

Lucy Knisley is one of my and now London's :D favorite graphic book authors. The honesty in her life she portrays through pictures and humor can't be beat. French Milk is a travel diary of her trip to France with her mom. and her experiences and thoughts of that trip.

French Milk made me laugh and remember some of the things I enjoyed about Paris France; yeah, I'm talking about the Food! :D Some of the pictures in the books include her own photography along with the comics, something London enjoyed as well!

[ London, who was once a model enjoys revisiting France through this travelogue! ]

I've read many reviews complaining that this book lacks substance. Well everything doesn't need to be 'War and Peace'. Take it for what it is, one young woman's journey to France and what she appreciated from that experience. I do so much reading on screens, and some books ( although these days I mostly turn to audio books to give my tired eyes a break! LOL ), that I enjoy a quirky light read with a quirky sense of humor.

[ French culture offers much to appreciate! ]

Her drawings help readers to get the feel with wit, of what she's feeling which immerses you into the story. if you enjoy reading about food, then this may be worth a read. Throughout the book Lucy talks about her love of the milk in France. She adores it, as it's rich and thick and I too can attest to the dairy in Europe, though I cannot partake anymore being dairy free :/ Anyway, her desire for French Milk is woven throughout the story and will cause you to want a glass of milk (any milk) and some macaroons! If you want to travel but are unable, try a travelogue and get taken away!

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