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Feel Good Brain Chemicals: Let's Up Our Game!

Most of us are getting back to our lives after lockdown, but what kind of life are we getting back to? Same old, same old paradigm, or a wiser healthier life that serves our whole health mind, spirit and body.

God works through all circumstances, and I think most of us know that he's been sending messages, moving us into living with better purpose, living by placing our values not in what the world displays but in deeper heartfelt living.

[ Take the time to shift, let go of what's not working; to build a life that's valued and meaningful... ]

It's going to take time, to reorder our priorities, reestablish what really matters, and learn how to live in this current state of our world. It's going to take us to establish strong connections to God in order to not be World-Lead. ✔️✔️ We are adjusting, we are healing, we are strengthening and reformulating... We can do this ~

So let's get into these brain chemicals and how they can add life to our years!

Oxytocin~ referred to as the love hormone gets triggered in our brain through physical contact with loved ones, and can also be released by way of movement - whatever floats your boat ! Getting a massage; any enjoyable contact with another person, like hugging and cuddling., or simply socializing or helping others. Contact with pets is of course included!

[ Violet had a ball 'building' her town! sometimes getting 'puzzled' can unbind the mind!]

Next, Endorphins occur naturally in the body. This chemical creates a positive feeling as well as aids in masking pain. Okay, let's get this chemical going through taking care of our body by eating to nourish the whole body. Listening to music, watching something uplifting or just entertaining are activities to get in that big

[ E - fix!! ]

[ These pals are good mood movin' and groovin! 💁🏽‍♀️What stress?! ]

Exercising or any movement like dancing, walking, rolling around in the ground! That one will probably bring about lots of giggles because LAUGHING is a straight shoot to the land of endorphins!... which helps to facilitate the next chemical:

Serotonin ~ This is a mood stabilizer, and is also boosted by a healthy diet ~ yep food is so important to the total functioning of our body and mind connection. One big way to boost this chemical is spending time in NATURE. We've all been pretty starved of this living through this pandemic. But now is time to get out and into the incredible creations God has made just for us!

Sun exposure, fresh air, being around bodies of water, because water areas contain negative ions. These ions are invisible molecules that owe inhale in abundance in certain environments like beaches, mountains, forests, waterfalls, even being outdoors after a heavy rain.

[ Don't do this if you live with Asthma and Allergies because ~ POLLEN becomes sticky from the rain and is on the ground and everywhere else too! :() ]

It's believed that once these ions reach our bloodstream, they produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of Serotonin, aiding in lowering stress, depression and boosting energy.

[ Getting away to places rich in negative ions is great, but for the long haul focus on adding in those ions to our everyday environments. ]

However, we can't all live in places with features like mountains, so how's a person to get in those ions??

Looking for ionizer plug in's? Check out the links below and see what you think. :()

Salt Lamps ( which can be found at home improvement stores like Lowe's ), work to counteract electronic vibrations and excessive positive ions caused by electronic devices in the home. Although research is still out on these salt lamps, they're worth a try, not to mention they add a beautiful warm hue to your home environment.

[ Plants can be a soothing balm from this weary world...]

One thing about this pandemic is that it has lead many of us back to or introduced us to plants and their precious value in this world. Plant life adds life to our lives! They are a source of natural beauty, comfort and strength, teaching us about ourselves through by way of caring for them. Plant's clean our indoor air by taking in carbon dioxide and breathing out fresh oxygen and negative ions! Woot-woot!! Some plants that release higher levels of ions are:

  • Coconut Palm🌴

  • Gerbera 🌼

  • Spider Plants. 🕷

  • But we benefit from them all so go for it! Just make sure you're buying ones that you can manage their daily care and light needs. I love my Snake plants. ☺️🐍 They're tall, adding height to our rooms, come in many variated colors and so simple to care for and give so much back in return!

Hearth fireplaces or outdoor bonfires create negative ions too. They warm the soul and body. :)

Indoor fountains are an attractive way to get near water 💦 features and the force of falling water. This causes causes neutral particles in the air to split and to free up electrons to attach to other air molecules resulting in negative ions. Bingo!

Beeswax Candles are a true joy. The sweet honey scent alone is stress reducing and joy making! 🐝🐝 Beeswax also cleans the air and produce negative ions, and they also aid a bit ( we'll take what we can! ) with asthma and allergy management because they act as a natural air purifiers.

When these candles are lit, they emit the same light spectrum as the sun, 🌤 providing a warmer, comforting atmosphere over any other candles!

[ Beeswax candles are happy candles!🤣 ]

Beeswax also have a higher melting point pf any wax so they will last longer than other candle types.👍🏽 Just make sure the candles say 100% beeswax so you’re getting no additives or anything else. Light up a few with your favorite cuppa and chill that stress away for a while!

Direct contact with the ground is said to have physiological benefits because the earth’s surface has a negative charge and is always generating electrons that can neutralize free radicals. Yep, we can get antioxidants not only form foods, but from our earth too!

( Daylight Savings can throw our natural rhythms awry🤪 )

Research suggests that physical contact with the earth’s surfaces can aid in regulating our autonomic nervous system and keep our circadian rhythms ~ that regulate body temp, hormone secretion, digestion and blood pressure synchronized with our day/night cycles.

Dopamine our last but not least feel good chemical. Dopamine can help us focus, set and achieve our set goals. This chemical allows us to build up resilience along with those well known feelings of euphoria. We can increase this chemical through the consumption of foods like avocados, meat and poultry, bananas, seeds like pumpkin and almond, sesame and the like. Physical activity of alll kinds also increase dopamine levels.

So there's no magic pill, or super secret to raising our brain chemicals. Simple good living and nutrition as well as minding our emotional health needs can set us up for better quality of living and feeling. Let's get into these actionable tips and feeling good!


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