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Nutrition Made Simple!

Updated: Jul 2

[ Arrowhead Mills Maple Buckwheat Flakes ]

The best of both worlds, Arrowhead Mills Maple Buckwheat Cereal with add in's: chopped raw almonds, raw pumpkin seeds and unsweetened coconut flakes. ( I hadn’t added the coconut when I took the pic 🤪 ). Sometimes I top it off with cinnamon, or pumpkin pie seasoning 😋. I used homemade pecan/almond milk🤤 on the cereal mix ( in the pic above the almond milk looks pink, but it’s just the reflection ) followed by a simple green juice.

Buckwheat is - actually a seed 🤯😆. Buckwheat is harvested from a flowering plant, and its as versatile as rice or any actual grain. It's also gluten free.👏🏽👏🏽. If I have a cold cereal I like to toss in added nutrition like good fats like nuts and coconut ( to make it more satiating because any cereal lover knows filling it isn't! ). Plus I love all the different textures, it's a lot like musli minus the oats.☺️

[ Juicing isn’t a fad, it’s a way to flood the body with nutrients — Liquid Nutrition ]

I like the way fresh juices make me feel. I use minimal fruits and lots of veg, herbs and spices like turmeric and ginger. This year I juiced red cabbage for the first time along with apple, lime and ginger 🫚. It is delicious 😋. Juicing is a good way for get in nutrition straight away. I often want simple smooth juices. I know they're getting in and assimilating the good stuff the way my body needs.

[ Kermit the Frog was wrong, it IS easy being green!😁 ]

Smoothies, are another drink on the regular around here.. NO banana for me😫 allergic, but I add in a clean pea or rice protein powder, ( vanilla) for creaminess sometimes, and a bit of avocado, and seeds like flax, chia, pumpkin and hemp. I also rotate my greens so get a variety. Smoothies are loaded with fiber. They're a good way to get in those important nutrients, especially with multiple food allergies. ✅

My melody of seeds! I lightly grind a mix up of pumpkin, sunflower, hemp, and ground flax into this super seed mix to anything from tossing into smoothies, topping off hot or cold cereal, salads, main meals, whatever needs a boost of seed filled nutrition, texture and flavor.☺️.

A few more simple meals packed with energy giving nutrients.

Top Left - Brown rice seasoned with herbs, steamed broccoli, sweet peas, and brown lentils —. —-

Top Middle - put together as a Buddha brown meal. Hearty, fiber rich and satisfying. Down lentils, and brown rice mix with greens from the week, and leftover broccoli and green peas. Topped with a sunflower butter sauce made of sun butter, raw honey, garlic oil, sea salt, a bit of ginger and water

Top Right - seasoned chicken tenders and a veg mix from frozen. I’ll prep chicken tenders usually for the freezer but when I’m out I’ll choose a gluten free brand for quick eve meals.

Bottom Right - Quinoa porridge 🥣 Simple and the comfort level bumped up by placing the cooked quinoa into a blender to smooth it out! I cook this cereal with canned coconut milk with added plant butter ( dairy allergies).. Added flax meal for good fats and omegas and maple syrup 😋😋 Quinoa is a seed not a grain so this is grain free.

Bottom Middle - A few fruits and veg. A bowl of cherries, a pumpkin squash and some radish that are half the size of the pumpkin!😮

Bottom Right - Twice a month or so I make a big pot of greens. This pot contained collards

( my personal fave ), and kale.

Eating well is possible, making it fit within your budget ( more than a challenge see days!). I find meal planning g to an extent helpful too. This doesn’t mean flooding our fridge with pre prepped meals, because I don’t have that kind of space!😁. I simply pull some things from our pantry see what else is needed and writing down a general plan for a two week period. Of course things are always subject to change with life happenings😄

Let’s make the effort to give ourselves the nutrient support we need to function efficiently in these times we’re living in. 👍🏽


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