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What’s Better Than Green Smoothies?…Not Much! Part 1

Green Smoothie Basics ~ A Simple Backstory

[ Kodiak & Melody are ready for Vitamix(ing) delicious smoothies in 2017!]

Greenies! as I call them, Green Smoothies have been the saving grace for the rejuvenation and maintenance of my health!! There is simply no better way to easily and ‘smoothly’ get in loads of Greens, Veggies and Fruits without gorging on them daily.

I love the freedom of creativity of making Greenies (although they aren’t all necessarily green! )

Green Smoothies are created in a blender, I use this high powered one Vitamix. Blenders such as VitaMix, Blend Tec, Magic Bullet, or Ninja Blenders are all great choices and high powered enough to completely grind those hard to blend greens, nuts & seeds, and roots ( like Ginger & Tumeric ) for creating super smooth smoothies. However, there are blenders on the market that can be found in supermarkets and stores like Target for a lot less money and have a smoothie setting for easier blending.

Ok, what do these thick creamy drinks do for us ( besides taste delicious!)? Smoothies are an easily accessible tool for creating a more Alkaline Environment in the body. Processed, toxic sugar laden, and chemical filled food create what’s called an Acidic environment in the body and this is a Breeding Ground for disease to wreak havoc on our systems, and make us disease ridden, moody, tired, and forgetful. this is why we feel so lousy after eating processed foods!

An alkaline environment makes it very hard for disease and illness to grow or survive in the body. Alkaline conditions help us to adding much needed Enzymes to our system. Enzymes are Proteins that allow chemical reactions to happen faster than these reactions would occur on they’re own. Simply put, without enzymes we’d be nothing but a lifeless blob! They’re responsible for our brain

working, our digestive system ( critical, I’ll get more into the importance of healthy digestion in a later blog), our heart, energy production, skin renewal, hair, bone growth, so…Everything! Briefly, stated, we have 3 types of enzymes: Metabolic which run our bodies, Digestive, which digests and process our food, and Food Enzymes which actually and only come from Raw Foods.

Furthermore, without Enzymes, toxins, and chemicals would build up to levels greater than the body is equipped to handle and we’d be unable to fight off disease or the simplest germs. Our body produces some enzymes naturally ( the two discussed above), but less Digestive Enzymes with age, toxins, and not enough fresh live food (Raw Foods).

By adding more fresh raw greens, veggies, and fruits (along with other nutritious goodies we’ll get to in a minute :} ) we provide the building blocks for Cellular Change; consuming them helps to re structure our ‘broken’ over fed/under nourished cells and turns them into strong healthy cells that are better able to work at fueling our immune systems(which protects and fights of disease and illness ), and every other bodily function (our heart, brain, skin, lungs, etc…).

The more processed, nutrient lacking food we eat, the harder it is for our cells to do the job they’re designed to do, and as they become weaker, it’s an open door for not only illnesses, genetic conditions ( like Arthritis, Asthma and others ), but environmental conditions, such as pollution, toxins in the air on our land, food etc… to make us sick, sick sick!

While we don’t have much control over many environmental factors ( factories, land dumping…) we can control what goes into and onto our body. Lets face it our little cell soldiers need all the help the can get!

Together we will explore all kinds of delicious smoothies that make our cells and systems happy!

Here is a basic simple Greenie recipe that can be built on and turned into many types of smoothie goodness!

One of the absolute easiest and quickest smoothie to make is a Mono smoothie: Using just one ingredient, a fruit of choice and a little water ( or plant milk of choice). Simply blend with or without ice and enjoy!

A Basic Green Smoothie

1-2 Cups Greens of choice ( for beginners Baby Spinach, Kale, or Romaine lettuce are neutral in taste and easy to ‘hide’ with fruits! )

1-1/2 Cup Liquid of choice Plant Milks, Water, Green Tea, Fresh Juice ( be aware blending with juice will increase the sugar content ).

1 Handful of Berries (Strawberries, Blueberries etc..)

1 (or 2) Bananas fresh or frozen. Frozen bananas will create a thicker ‘shake’ like smoothie! )

optional a 1/2 tsp of Vanilla

Blend until well mixed, pour into your favorite glass or cup and enjoy! It’s fun knowing you can make something that’s tasty and good for you!

Keep in mind these a just a couple of very basic recipes, we’ve only just begun!

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