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Healing the Body with Nutraceuticals

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.~ Hippocrates

It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical business brings in about one half trillion dollars a year. (no one is spending millions of dollars on the healing and benefits of food and nutrients in advertising they way we see ads and commercials for drugs!) Being sick is really good for business for them! However, how is popping pills been for you? Have you been healed, has your health improved, how’s buying all those meds been for your budget??

If the answer to those questions were negative, you may want to begin adopting a new paradigm for your health and wellness. If you want to assist the body in healing, and repairing instead of band-aiding health problems with pills, if you want to begin taking control of your life instead of allowing the government and doctors to dictate to you what’s good for you then it’s time for a change…

Nutraceuticals: Food or part of a food that provide medicinal benefits, healing and repairing of the body.

What’s the difference between Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements? Nutraceuticals consist of foods or parts of food products that help strengthen, feed and repair and heal the body. Dietary Supplements are products meant to supplement the diet and contain dietary ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids and such. Both nutraceuticals and dietary supplements aid in the body’s health and well being.

[ Camille loves making and eating creative and hearty salads filled with whole grains or high quality meat/fish, seeds, fruits and other goodies! Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring :() ]

In my blog about my food journey I talk about how I used fresh live foods to help my body heal when a slew of doctors could not. It was proof enough for me that food has a significant impact on the body’s repairing system. Countless people are hopping the fence and adopting a whole foods diet and are experiencing significant changes, and complete physical overhauls of their health.

Why again then are so many people pushed onto drugs (often with other added complications from side effect) for their health?? Again…MONEY!

Personally speaking, my body thrives on a clean foods (foods without chemicals, additives and as un processed as possible) diet, especially including loads of live or raw foods. Everything improves including issues with …elimination. Sorry folks I had to go there:()

A whole foods based diet floods the body with phytonutrients (nutrients that fight radical disease), vitamins, and minerals that not only support our immune systems but enhance it so that we can fight off free radicals and toxins.

[ A few of the LivingThruGrace Crew are exploring how to eat to repair their guts and heal from inflammatory issues with their book Recipes For Repair! ]

The evidence is too large to ignore, too many people over the years have been able to reverse numerous ailments and serious diseases such as depression (yes, mood disorders are helped and co managed with proper nutrition), diabetes, weight loss, gastrointestinal cancers and disorders, skin issues, inflammation, osteoporosis and more, with the help of real whole foods nutrition.

Disease stems form damaged cells in the body, whole foods, help to repair and strengthen these cells. Simply put. :()

[ Heather Nikita and Danica can enjoy fun snacks that closely resemble old ones with these Cauliflower 'Nuggets that are crispy spicy and full of nutrients that the body loves! ]

Clean eating is now recognized as one of the healthiest due to it’s numerous benefits to the body and mind,

The most empowering reason for this way of eating and living is that we can take control back of our health and not have to be slaves to the pharmaceutical agencies who only care about the bottom dollar NOT about you being healthy.

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