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Let's Get Moving for Lung Health! Simple Walking Workouts!! :()

These LivingThruGrace ladies are serious about their health, in particular their lung health!! Vanessa( standing on treadmill) lives with Asthma and Adrianne( sitting on bike) has weakened lungs due to a serious bout with pneumonia. Stacy is fortunate to have healthy strong lungs, and she wants to keep them that way! :() Our LivingThruGrace Crew has set up a gym this year and they're ready to commit consistently to moving for whole body wellness!

Who's here for it??

[ Yep, sometimes we all need a little 'push' to get those joints and muscles in motion! ]

I wanted to include an indoor exercise that requires nothing but your legs and feet! Leslie Sansone has built an empire on one simple exercise; Walking. Your don't have to take on an exercise routine where you wind up in physical therapy to stay fit and feeling good! Leslie's Walk At Home workouts have been helping people get in shape, lose weight and tone up for decades.

Don't discount it's effectiveness! I've been using these workouts for years on and off

and I ALWAYS come back to them because they don't throw off my alignment or blow out my knee!! { Osgood Schlatter's } I'm not the most coordinated person LOL! But the movements in Leslie's videos are simple enough for a person of any age to do. Don't let's it's simplicity fool you. You can also add additional hand weights for further strengthening.

[Stacey's I pad is prepped and ready for a walk-out workout anywhere she goes!]

[ This Walk at Home app provides access to a variety of Leslie's video's for any fitness level. There is a monthly fee of 4.95, but you can find plenty of these workouts on You Tube or purchase the downloads or videos. I am not being sponsored, I just love these workouts :() ]

A couple of months ago I decided to do only these walking workouts for 15 days as I was having trouble with back injuries. Even before the 15 days were up, I noticed the usual issues I would have weren't as bothersome, I could even prolong my visits to my Chiropractor! I am feeling stronger overall, Woo Hoo!! Now, of course I still have back injuries and I keep on top of management for it, but just this simple walking workout has made a Significant Difference in how I feel and in my pain management!! My lungs are happy too! [ of course I continue to take my prescribed asthma meds! ] I realized that I moved off into pain management a bit but just wanted to add that story to show how simple walking workouts can do a lot! :()

Above is a video explaining how our lungs work and why exercise strengthens them. Whether or not you're living with a lung affliction, exercise is beneficial. We all need for our lungs to remain strong because they have to carry us throughout our lives :()

Moving for our lungs has endless benefits, but here are a few of the major ones:

Strengthens breathing muscles [ the more efficiently these muscles work the better those of us with lung issues can manage those conditions, and perhaps if doctor approved with less medicine]

Boosts immune system [ which absolutely helps with lung conditions]

Helps with weight control

Helps with stress, anxiety and depression that can stem from living with a lung condition

You can walk off a meal! :()

Makes for a clearer mind [ don't we all need that! ]

Whatever your choice, just get moving to keep those lungs humming! :) In our next post our LivingThruGrace Crew will demonstrate a few Lung Expansion exercises to whip those lungs in shape!

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