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Fight Inflammation With Turmeric! Turmeric Tea & Cough Mix

For many of us who live with Asthma it's a year round struggle, and for other's its strictly seasonal. September and October bring on Ragweed Pollen and that's asthma kryptonite! :() Fall harvest can be beautiful and bring about good times but also breathless times. Falling leaves onto damp ground and grass, weed pollens [ like Ragweed, Tumbleweed, Russian Thistle, Pigweed, Sagebrush] levels rise and are at their highest levels this time of year.

Too this allergen storm add in Mold spores which can grow indoors and out and that brings double trouble for those allergic to molds. Factors such as heat, humidity, wind, are more environmental in their effects. [ Not necessarily seasonal ] However, piles of leaves that stay damp, morning dampness, rotting wood, and wet vegetation all make for fall mold harvest!

Keeping up with asthma meds and treatments is an important part of managing asthma flares, along with rescue meds, preventative measures like wearing a face mask if needed, avoiding highly pollenated areas like farms and orchards: See our blog post: Asthma & Allergy Safety while Tripping To Apple Orchards & Pumpkin patches! [under Allergic Living :) ] for further information on this topic!

One addition I've made year round actually, is including Turmeric in our meals, and my drinks. Turmeric is a powerful Anti-inflammatory that aids in bronchial care by helping keep gunky and inflamed bronchial and lungs clear and open, as well as dilating our blood vessels for more opened airways! Turmeric's one super spice that you want in your life and in your food. Curcumin in turmeric's super power where the anti-inflammatory action happens! Curcumin is most effectively activated when combined with black pepper for better absorption.

[ Both Niki & Clawdie live with Asthma and use Turmeric spice as a healthy part of their asthma care! ]

[ Our Turmeric Cough Suppressant Mix! Isn't it gorgeous?! ]

I've been using a 'turmeric masala' so to speak for mucus build up and coughing for a couple of years now and it's a really effective natural approach to health management.

I store in a glass jar: Turmeric Tonic

* 1/3-1/4 cup Turmeric [ I use an Organic Turmeric powder by

* 1/3-14/ cup Ginger [ I've recently discovered Chinese ginger which is more spicy

than it's counterpart!]

* 1-2 tsp cayenne powder [ also helps to break up mucous ]

* 1 tbsp Black Pepper [ The bioactive property Piperine in black pepper is what

helps boost the absorption of the turmeric ]

Store in a jar with a tight lid in a cool dry place and when needed simply add 1-2 tbsp of the mixture to a cup and hot/boiling water [ or milk for Golden milk ] and add in a teaspoon of a good fat like Ghee or coconut oil because it too makes the turmeric absorb more effectively into the body. I also add in a few tbsp of Lemon [when making the tea, not golden milk] because the juice effectively breaks up mucous! Honey or sweetener of choice can too be added, I prefer this as it is, I enjoy the spice combo. :()

[ The colors of Fall and Healing! ]

[ Turmeric Tea is a simple way to get this healing spice into your diet. ]

I also drink a Turmeric tea daily as of late for better management of my asthma. In a glass jar mix:

* !/3 cup of Turmeric Powder

* 1-2 Tbsp Cinnamon

* 2 tbsp Black Pepper

* 2 tbsp Ginger Powder

* a pinch or two of Cardamom and Anise and Nutmeg (ground or the whole spice

I like a touch of cayenne in this mix too, but I like it spicy! All of these spices are anti inflammatory and powerful antioxidants!

When ready add 1/2 -1 tsp to a cup and add hot water stir because it tends to settle in the bottom of the cup. Allow to steep for a few minutes, and if using whole spices like ginger and turmeric root, whole anise or cardamom allow the mixture to simmer in water for 10 minutes or so.

In an upcoming blog post I will show how and what I've been adding turmeric and other healing spices too for flavor enhancement and health boosting nourishment! Keep drinking to and for your health!

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