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Beginners Guide To Plant Based Food Staples With Food Allergies!:) Pt. 1

On a bottle of sauce: "Recipe: nut free. Ingredients cannot guarantee nut free. Factory Nuts used elsewhere in factory." Ore in other words: "Nut allergy sufferers" DO YOU FEEL LUCKY?" :{] ~SICKIPEDIA

One of the most prevalent issues I have when adapting any dietary change is my multiple Food Allergies! It can be maddening to say the least. I need to balance the right foods and getting the nutrients I need for my health management with the limited choices that I sometimes have. But with experimenting and education I have managed to adopt allergy safe staples into my life that I do not change only add to! Woo Hoo!!

In order to gather your arsenal of foods that you can Always depend on, you must know what you're food allergens are. A visit to your health care practitioner/Allergist can help to pinpoint you're offending foods.

[ Those of us with Food Allergies have had this face many, many times! LOL ]

[ Caught in the act! ]

[ I feel for Clawdie, I've been through this experience more times than I can count! LOL]

After you're armed with that knowledge, you may feel overwhelmed because if you're new to living with Food Allergies it's a lot to take in. Fear not, that's what I'm here for! LOL!! I've been living with food allergies for over 10 years! It's been 'a road less traveled'! -- To say the least!! Adapting a new paradigm is WORK! It's like a second job LOL!! But you'll become an old pro in time. :)

[ No matter what other porridge grains I eat, nothing replaces my desire and love for oats... It's just my reality.]

I have allergies to Oats [gluten free included], No Overnight oats for me! :() Soy, Mushrooms ;/ Sulfites and other Food Additives, Pork, Highly Fermented foods such as Pickles & other pickled foods. I also have developed over the years Wheat/Gluten Sensitivities; which means I don't TEST allergic, but my body STILL reads this as an 'intruder' leaving me with multiple reactions :( So, I've had to learn on the go and adjust, (and rebel), it happens LOL!!

[ These seed and nut butters are my Go To's on the regular. Combined with Gluten free Crackers, fresh veggies, or fruit or poured onto a sweet potato or into yogurt, the ways to incorporate these protein and nutrient rich foods into a healthy 'allergy safe diet are endless! ]

I keep my pantry stocked with 'safe' grains [Gluten Free] and seed/nut butters,

, legumes, and Gluten Free Flours for baking. I keep my fridge/freezer stocked with seeds/nuts [for fresher storage], Gluten/Soy Free sauces like Sky Valley Gluten Free Hot Sauce [ it's Certified G/F & Non GMO!! ]. Mmm![ I don't have Nut Allergies, but occasionally have tummy troubles with them, Almond Butter being an exception. Since going high plant based Found I can now tolerate some nuts that I couldn't before; this comes from years of learning what my body wants and what it doesn't! ]

[ The LivingThruGrace ladies are trying to decide what to whip up to for this Hot Sauce!]

[ Occasionally I make my own nut milks... but I usually rely on good quality store bought Plant Milks with recognizable ingredients! LOL ]

[ Condensed Coconut Milk; Pure Deliciousness! ]

I also keep my fridge stocked with my favorite brands of Nut milks, [almond/cashew being my current fave :}] Canned Evaporated & Condensed Coconut milks for deliciousness & richness in baking and cooking! See my blog post under Allergic Living: The Beauty Of Coconut Products! I even keep some 'shelf life' nut milks on hand just in case! :[]

Whether you're adopting a plant based diet or not, these Plant Based Food Options will provide you with plenty of Protein and a bounty of other essential amino acids and minerals for whole health management!

Lets start with the variety of Seeds available and what we can do with them!

*Chia Seed:

*It's known that the Aztec warriors ate chia seed to provide them with much needed Energy (and they weren't mixing them into puddings! They ate them by the handful!~LOL). The chia seed is packed HIGH full of Antioxidants. This Superfood

[ aren't you tired of that term? LOL ] They're high Anti-inflammatory properties, aid in Blood pressure, Diabetes and Cholesterol management. Add in Magnesium, Calcium & Potassium too!! Need a natural facelift, Chia seeds are also revered for their Skin enhancing and Anti Aging benefits!

Those Aztec's were smart cookies! :)

[ The pic says it all! Fiber Rich equals Bowels exit through the back please! LOL!! ]

*Chia seeds are Fiber rich, about 11 grams per oz, and just 1 cup of chia pudding, or better stated ONE serving of these Super Seeds completes your fiber intake for the day!

*Because these seeds are so fiber rich they're a boost for our Digestive health, as they get us regularly moving :[] if you know what I mean! I like to simply toss them into some Filtered water or Sparkling Water allow them to plump up as they take on the liquid, then I shake my water bottle to reincorporate the seeds as they settle on the bottom, and drink to my health! :)

*These seeds can (for many but we're each different) keep you fuller for longer because they expand in the tummy Chia seeds take on a Gelatinous form because when placed in 'wet' foods; liquids, puddings etc... they take in a lot of liquid causing a full feeling and for many aid in weight loss when added to a healthy diet! Woo Hoo! More on tasty and simple ways to eat this seed in part 2!

The Hemp Seed: Here's a soothing & info packed vid to watch :() They are my favorite!

Sesame Seed: Here's another informative video for these tasty 'nutty' seeds!

Pepitas or Pumpkin Seeds: Toss these tasty seeds into anything you'd like; toss into smoothies, grind them up in a blender to make a powder to sprinkle onto everything from pizza and bake dishes to topping desserts; even milkshakes :0 Toast them up on a skillet for extra 'nutty' flavor! With so much nutrition packed into this little powerhouse you really can't afford Not to make them a healthy addition to your diet! :)

Sunflower Seeds! These tiny seeds hail from those beautiful sunflowers, they're two gifts in one! :()

Join us at LivingThruGrace in Part 2 [ coming soon] of this post where we get into other allergy safe food staples that can be incorporated into a healthy diet! It isn't always easy when living with Food Allergies, it's challenging, frustrating, it can make you want to throw in the towel at times, ( and you may, over the years I've eaten some of the forbidden foods for my diet, and paid for it LOL! ) We grow, in discipline... :)

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