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Therapeutic Effects of Gelatin! A Simple Super Food!

In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind ~Job 12:10

[ Veronica and Danica are busy making some Tart Cherry gelatin treats for the Crew! ]

Remember when we all ate gelatin, known by it's more popular brand name Jello :D Jello ( Gelatin ) has been around for centuries. It was used first in Egyptian culture and was considered a sign of wealth,( in other cultures as well), as only royal families and upper classes could obtain it. To this day it's one of the highest selling desserts around the globe, yep everyone loves some form of jiggly wiggly gelatin based dessert!! Jello is the powdered form of Gelatin with added flavorings, sugars, and artificial colorants. This is why it's way better to make your own so that you know exactly what goes into it!

[ Two of the Livingthrugrace Crew ladies Danica and Veronica got together to create a sweet-tart cherry gelatin! Tart cherry juice has a host of benefits too, such as fighting inflammation and pain from Arthritis, Boosts immunity, Helps almost as well as some medications; to promote better sleep, Cancer fighting and much more!! Thanks ladies, for preparing a tasty and fun way to get in that cherry juice!! ]

Gelatin is a tastless protein created by extracting collagen found in the connective tissues of animals. The bones and holes of animals had to be boiled down for hours. By the 19th century gelatin was so desired that it created the need for an easier way to prepare and enjoy gelatin desserts.

[ Thanks to Peter Cooper for getting people moving! Kind of like gelatin helps to get things 'moving' through our systems!! ]

So, in 1845 at the inventor of the very first American built steam locomotive Peter Cooper created a way to make gelatin more accessible to everyone; thanks Pete! Peter created large sheets of gelatin and ground it into a powder for which he patented and called it Portable Gelatin, which only needed the addition of hot water, and voila!

[Gelatin contains many of these Amino Acids like Proline, Glycine, Glutamic Acid, & Lysine ]

Thanks to ole Pete, this concentrated source of protein and collagen affords us many health benefits and can be used in more ways than the traditional jello dessert.

Gelatin contains 9 of the 18 animo acids that are required for our body. One of the most important amino acid gelatin contains is called Glycine. Glycine is important because it's anti inflammatory and is utilized by the liver to help the body eliminate toxins. Whoo Hoo! Just what our over taxed bodies need!!! :D

[ Danica & Veronica debate over if a mini muffin tray is the best choice for a gelatin mold. Danica tells her pal that it's going to have to be because it's what we have on hand! :D ]

There are multiple benefits of consuming gelatin:

** Helps to repair cartilage and connective tissues through it's anti inflammatory properties.

** Improves Digestion because it binds with water to help our food 'slide' along more efficiently! [ Get ready to make some homemade gummy bears! ]

** It can aid in faster healing of wounds because of the anti inflammatory properties

** It's been known to promote better sleep because of the Glycine which effect sleep quality.

** Gelatin has a calming effect on the body, so it's a good stress support

** Detoxify's the body through aiding the liver to rid the body of toxins

** Strengthens hair, nails, and improves skin texture because it also contains the protein Keratin.

** Linked to alleviating symptoms of Asthma, Leaky Gut, Chron's Disease and Colitis,

providing natural relief; something I'm counting on for my Asthma management!

** Famously known boosting Bone and Joint health- Glycine found in gelatin increases the absorption of Calcium. Super for Osteoporosis.

** Gelatin is collagen so it's anti aging because it helps the body to crate more collagen of it's own.

**Helps with balancing Hormones

** Provides a tasty and fun way to get the benefits into your kids. In fact, for those who don't like gelatin snacks and desserts; it can be snuck into soups, stews, hot drinks, and no one will know!

[ Mmm! Delicious and tart-ish! ]

[ See, I told Veronica that the muffin tin would work out just fine! I can't wait to share these with the other Crew members in the Livingthrugrace House!! ]

Personally, I've always loved gelatin desserts and as of late, I've discovered many new and simple and tasty treats to make that are low sugar and so good for me!!! I'll have gelatin recipes up on the blog soon!! :D I use the brand Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin (Type B- Bovine Beef Hide - Orange Can There's also Type A-Porcine or Pork available ). I purchase it from Now the Livingthrugrace Crew and I are able to create all sorts of tasty and healing foods and treats!!!

It's so easy to incorporate gelatin into your diet, and the best part is that you don't even have to like gelatin because it can be quietly be put into so many foods. It can be incorporated into your favorite drinks, cold or hot cereals, and other foods and you won't test a thing. So grab some gelatin powder ( which may be found at your local markets too) and get Jiggly with it!! :D

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