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Heartburn & Asthma

A burning heart

No romance it brings

Signs and signals to listen..


One might believe that Heartburn is unrelated to Asthma, however, the two are related, in fact heartburn is one of the common triggers for an asthma attack. Once again, what we eat, the quality of the food that we put into our body is important. Here's how heartburn works:

So, it is believed by many physicians, that heartburn or better known as [ GERD ]

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, does worsen and cause hard to control asthma to remain that way.

The stomach acid discussed in the video, is what's believed to be the 'Breath Bandit' culprit! As the acid flows back up into the esophagus, [remember it's trespassing :() so it's not supposed to be there], triggers nerve reflex in the chest that causes the bronchial tubes to become narrow, which in turn causes those nasty bronchial spasms [that we all dread] which lead us straight into an asthma episode..Drama! LOL

Some doctors will persrcribe an over the counter antacid to take for frequent heartburn, or in severe cases, a perscription medication. However, there are many ways to naturally alleviate even chronic heartburn. I know from what I speak as this was one of the issues I suffered from in my story on my about page, and I cared for it through changes in my diet.

The video above outlined certain foods that cause or make heartburn worse, and simply stated, by eliminating [especially while you are attempting to get your asthma under control] the problem foods. It's NOT easy; as some of the foods listed are fan favorites such as Chocolate, Spicy Foods, and Alcohol, but the relief you will obtain from taking these steps[ think about it, no more of that awful burning and painful belches Yowza!] are more than worth the aggravation of not being able to have them! You may not need to permanently have to avoid these foods, but you may feel so much better that they many not be as appealing to you in the long run. Ok, I said maybe Lol, chocolate it a Huge offender for me along with tomato based products but I really enjoy both of these foods. Whenever, I hop off the wagon, and yes I do

[ honesty on this blog folks!], I pay the price!! So once I again, eliminate the offenders and I feel fine.

There are a few other things you can do that will naturally help with the eliminating and or reducing acid reflux. During bedtime try elevating your head. Sleeping on a slightly inclined space by using an extra pillows, though many professionals will tell you that this may not be enough, that using something to prop the head of you bed a little higher will better assist the pathway of stomach acid to continue flowing in the direction it's supposed to.

Eating smaller meals, not eating too soon before bedtime, and avoiding the trigger foods even bubbly waters like seltzer water [ carbonation really gets those acid bubbles flying everywhere! :() ] can further help fight heartburn.

I'm not telling you not to follow your doctor's orders if you are on perscription meds for GERD, what I am telling you is that I was on Prilosec ( yep the big purple pills!), and I was informed by a gastrologist that I'd be on these pills for a lifetime and to focus on eating bland foods like potatoes, rice and applesauce. After I completely overhauled my way of eating and became aware of what ingredients are going into my food, combined with avoiding trigger foods most of the time { hey, I'm not perfect :() ), I was able to safely walk away from this perscription pill for good! This particular pill [Prilosec] serves to completely Stop the stomach from producing acid. Bad news, that acid is there for a reason!

The acid (Gastric Acid) in our stomach is there to assist in the digestive process, to breakdown the foods and their nutrient components such as proteins, and minerals, and to prep the stomach to effectively absorb other nutrients like Vitamin D, Iron and many others. As we age after around age 30 we don't produce the same amount of gastric acid that we did in our youth [ Gettin' old ain't easy it is? Lol ], which is why so many of us find that we cannot eat the same things or in the same amounts or late at night like we used to do with such carefree ease!! Our stomach acid serves to play a big role in our complete well being, as most healing begins in our gut.

Taking the responsibility upon ourselves to treat our body respectably and with the knowledge that this is our one given temple to live in will result in providing relief from some of the factors and symptoms that add to our already arduous task of managing our asthma.

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