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Why Keep An Asthma Log?

We’re keeping on top to things for managing our asthma! Lifestyle tips, tricks and adjustments along with proper treatment can keep us and our lungs 🫁 happy!

It‘s a good idea to keep an asthma journal, log or however you reference it, because it can assist in and even help to clarify your understanding of your asthma and changes that take place over time. This journal could also be helpful for your doctor, as it captures information that would’ve been forgotten. Every bit of info we can provide for our doctors makes it possible for them to come up with more effective changes in your asthma care plan.

Monitoring things like your peak flow logged into a dairy helps you to get an idea of your best and worst, and can alert you if you need to seek medical treatment. Ask your allergist for a prescription for a peak flow meter or inquire if there are any on hand in the office. Peak flow meters are a device you hold and blow into so it can measure how effectively air moves out of your lungs.

[ Ever stylish Violet right down to her peak flow meter!🤣🤣]

[ Using this device helps us to see our personal best and worst air flow! ]

[ Well, the theophylline in coffee can’t hurt as it acts as a mild bronchodilator 👏🏽👏🏽 ~ but NOT a substitute for asthma meds! ]

If you’re going into a new treatment for your asthma, a log 📒 will allow you to carefully keep track of how those new treatments are working. Some inhaled asthma meds can take up to two weeks to make a difference that you can feel. It’s important to keep log of how much sleep your getting or if waking because of asthma, and how often your symptoms are occurring.

If you’re now to asthma a diary will keep all those details handy that you may be too stressed to remember. Its also a good idea to keep a copy of your Asthma Action Plan with your diary for easy access to track if you’re in a safe or trouble zone.

Remember consistent recording will allow you to keep on top and better manage your asthma.

I personally prefer a paper diary ( analog all the way!🙋🏽‍♀️) but there are numerous smartphone apps for logging and tracking asthma symptoms, medication reminders and more.

‘’You see, smart lifestyle tips to take one or a few at a time results in Asthma Smart Living!

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