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Seeking Comfort & Strength…

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your comforting presence. In my mourning and in my joy, You are with me. Holy Spirit, help me to seek You when I am in grief, when I feel fragile, and when I am faced with the brokenness of the world around me, I pray, lord, that today I would experience Your promised comfort.


~Charles Stanley

Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.

~Matt 5:4

[ God’s Word is where it’s at! It’s how we can survive. It’s How we can thrive! It’s how we know God and ourselves! ]

We‘re all experience so much heaviness, weight that we may feel that we just can’t carry any longer. But, God tells us we can. He reminds us not to rely on what we FEEL, or where our fickle and unreliable hearts lead us; but to focus solely on Him and His wisdom, His comfort that‘s nothing like that of what this world can offer us…fleeting comforts that do not last.

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

~John 14:27

So, how to we carry on? The way the Lord tells us to, with Godly character,

Humility [ so opposite of how this world tells to be ]. Merciful as just as we want from God.

Patience, because the Lord’s ways and plans are not by our timing or understanding.

Mournfully as we seek His comfort rather than what we know to be comforting. God desires for our trials to draw us to him like never before, so often they are just for that purpose. [ 🙄A hard as this is to accept, because Gods’ mind is definitely greater and so unlike ours!☺️

[Let’s get serious about God, because Satan is serious about his plans for us! ]

Lovingly, with 😈Satan‘s divisiveness run amok it’s crucial to remember that’s his JOB, but it’s not how God want’s us to live. He didn’t send his Son for our atonement for worldly divisions, and all matter of ungodly behaviors [ 🫣I see you Social Media ]; 😞 but as we have these sin natures [ 🫤 thanks Adam & Eve! ] we naturally divide and sin with ease…Buuut…

The Lord says we can do better, that we ARE better, but not on our own, but through our relationship with him. It’s really the only way, there’s no other way around it. We weren’t designed to live by the world buy by the Lord.🙌🏽

[ Yep, who feels like this mouse when awakening in the mornings lately? ]

Though we may feel run down, run over and just run out of steam; don’t give up! Our ‘steam’ comes from our direct ‘stream’ from the Lord ~ no internet required😆

I pray for any of you who need this; that it reach you and that you will ‘pray’ and pay this post forward to anyone else who needs this too.


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