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Learning to Live Life 'Above the Sun'!

[ How our life's view should be; Narrow, through God's lens ]

[ How so many people 'see' their life, through the world's lens ]

[ What our human-ness seeks out, but from the wrong avenue ]

We can all be rich! No, not by way of the lottery, or gambling or any other worldly means. We can be rich by how we make the choice to live our lives. So often we think we're on the right track in life, we're connecting to God and making what we believe are the right moves for the betterment of our lives. ​ But soon, we boomerang right back to where we began! Why???

Recently the Lord has really opened my eyes to how my life's view, and my chosen goals and desires. You see, Satan loves to catch us up in his mess! He's smart, tricky and oh so subtle!!! But God is smarter, he doesn't need tricks or foolery and if we can just consistently learn to pay attention, we can pick up in God's subtleness, or right-in-the-face-boldness!!

[ Having a 'spiritual support' person(s) in your life can make a difference in the day to day struggles of living life during our time here. ]

My issue wasn't a social media one, [ but for countless others, it may be ] but a matter of the heart, meaning my heart was leading me into false beliefs about my life and my importance to God! Yep, I was deep in the devil's sh&*!! I was so dissatisfied because I was believing the LIES, oh those wicked lies satan whispers (or shouts) in our ear... I was beginning to believe that my contributions didn't matter, weren't BIG enough, grand enough, that I wasn't effecting enough change in my life or the world...I was feeling like a failure, spinning my wheels in the swamp of my life.

[ The Bible God's living Waters...Get into it!🙌🏽 ]

But you know what?? God caught me, I was falling fast and He caught me and prevented me from crashing into my own way!! Hallelujah!!! God handed me the book of Ecclesiastes and Soloman's journey and boy has it made a difference ( along with prayer and our God-Father - daughter talks!! ).

Everything Soloman did was all for naught because he got to the end of the road and realized that seeking out anything WITHOUT God is pretty meaningless.

To parallel; I was seeking out achievement through doing ( this blog, work, caring for family etc...) and the 'doing' became my (idol)🤯.

[ Poor Humpty, he didn't have a right relationship with God, so he fell from grace and just cracked! ]

I became more and more discontented because my heart wasn't focused on working or doing FOR God in [Whatever] I was doing. The growing agitation I was feeling was based on misplaced actions from a misplaced spirit...

I fell off the wall, but unlike poor Humpty Dumpty there was someone who could put my pieces back together again - God!

And whatever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. ~ Colossians 3:17

God is consistent in his word, his character and he's grooming us to develop this same character so that we won't end up flopping off the wall! :() Its us who wobble back and forth with the discipline of spirit; or lack of as we float in and out of the 'world'. The longer we stay seeking Under the Sun, the more likely we are to get burned. Soloman lived his entire life before realizing that he was on 'fire' for life but not on fire for God and he felt all of his life's emptiness.

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. ~2 Tim 2:15

I love this scripture, and it shouted at me! I could see that I was seeking approval; the approval of being seen as successful (by worldly standards), doing the right thing (not because it was God's way but needing 'credit' for it), for making an idol of finances. It's difficult but humbling to speak and share my truth with you all but it's what God desires. Connecting with each other through our sin to come together in God to come out of our sin... I pray this helps someone...

Soloman was a wise man, but he didn't utilize his God-Given wisdom until the end of his life and was filled with regret at turning his back on God. I don't want to create a life of regret, a life of worldly measure and gain and approval. I want to chase God, I want to live Above the Sun, because it's hot here in a self imposed hell!!! The devil has little power over us when we roll with God ALL the way through life!

God gives each of us chance to build a solid foundation for our lives through him. By only partially building that foundation and expecting our house to sit solidly atop will only end in fallen houses, from fallen spirits in a fallen world...

[ Anyone feel like their life has been going like this? Let's stop chasing our tails! This guy didn't get the memo!! ]

We have the ability to do better, to be better, not just like everyone else, but like ourselves. We don't have to follow our fallen, human beliefs, because the world will always offer something else after you've achieved, or bought, or won your desires. We don't have to end up with a vexed spirit like Soloman, and we don't have to keep chasing our own tails; [vanity of vanities] [ Ecc. 1:2 ]

What profit hath a man of all his labour which he taketh under the sun? ~ Ecc 1:3

[ Niki and I have been in the same boat, walking in the wrong direction! :() We're both thankful to led back on the right path. It's going to take consistent, and diligent work on our part, but any life lived in God does...]

This world tells us life should always be a string of happy experiences, that we must constantly chase after them, demand them even; and if it isn't there's a quick fix for it, but that's a lie. Soloman found out the hard way that all of his women, his status, worldly wisdom, and earthly things still left him empty, because happiness is based on circumstances, and temporary, and true joy comes from [within] pleasing God. Joy can't be achieved, it is to be received through a personal Godly relationship!

[ I was the biggest joker, and the joke was on me! Oh how far we can fall when we 'play ourselves'!! ]

I'm learning this lesson in spades, and I'm grateful for Soloman's experience so that we can learn form it sooner than he...

A fruitful life this way can only be found Above the Sun!!! Amen!

Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, so that we may rejoice and be glad all of our days. ~ Psalm 90:14

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