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New Year - Same World

Strangely, in an environment in which we have ready access to more information than ever before, we are more paralyzed by our ignorance than we have ever been. Perhaps because we have grown used to the expectation of technologically enhanced certainty and knowledge in our day to day lives, we are less able to accept uncertainty when confronted with it. - The Poetry Pharmacy by William Sieghart

( who's life is going like this already?😝😂)

However, we know of someone 💃🏽✨ who's sameness is hoped for and guaranteed God!! We have to keep reminding ourselves that He KNOWS every event that will occur in our lives and the world...and he's still 'got this'!🙌🏽

Learning not to fret, to make FEAR our default we have to place his Word in our heart and spirit. We Must make time, even if it's a few minutes a day to be with him in silence.

Spiritual maturity increase our real peace...

Let's all keep growing in the spirit together✨😌

Welcome to 2023...


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