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We Can Have Big Impact ~ Through the Smallest Acts

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

[ All our work is to be in honor of the Lord. ]

Living in a world that's so 'loud', it's easy to feel like we don't matter, what we 'do' has no effect on the world. But that's just the enemies lie. We matter because we're God's creation and we can and have impacted others in ways we may never know.

Our work meaning every act that we do has possibilities to impact someone. Never underestimate the power of a simple Smile. 😊 Though it may seem many people are losing their sense of kindness, connection, caring; we have to shift our focus to see there is still much of these qualities left in the world. People do still want and need the milk of human kindness. God created us to, it's a reflection of Him.

[ We can choose to be a silver lining within life's clouds...]

I recently witnessed a terrible auto accident and saw people without thought plunge into the situation to help the victims. I saw the darkness of pain and possible loss, but I also saw the light of the Holy Spirit on display too.😌✨ I saw others not thinking of themselves or gawking but being lights amongst God's church.

[ Teaching kids, teens to learn see beyond themselves is planting godly seeds for right living ]

My husband and I recently sent a spiritual support card to a coworker of his who's having a very difficult time along with a food treat. She let us know that our thoughtfulness really impacted her, that someone cared, someone 'saw' her suffering, because she had no one of significance in her life. We give small gifts for no other reason than the joy of giving, smile, thanking other and letting them know that they're appreciated, just remembering to be nice...It's not difficult to reach out in some small way to have a big impact.

Acts of kindness, supporting a loved one or letting people in the lane when driving, sharing God's Word, sending a neighbor a quote and a treat, whatever comes from the heart all are impactful acts. In a world gone dark where many of it's citizens have gone wayward, and though most of us are experiencing stress in much higher levels; we can be beacons, we can live big by living small.

Most of us know these things, although; is becoming less and less apparent...

This world pushes ' what's good for me or it just matters what I want.... Social media is slowly destroying the minds and spirits of the youth ( any age actually) as self centeredness grows, living lives for social media, hive mind attitudes, lack of critical honking, and online bulling grow stronger.

People are being trained to become the Worst version of themselves.

Kindness is being Unlearned, and since everything is a fight or verbal battle these days kindness goes unnoticed... But our Lord notices, he's watching.

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