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How To Deal With Muscle Cramps Due To Asthma Meds

Updated: May 19, 2022

Have any of you experienced this, severe muscle cramps throughout your body during an asthma knockdown? I have, [ in my legs and on the sides of my body and feet ]and it's awful. If you're having this trouble, first talk to your doc, but lets gain some understanding as to why this is happening.

Asthma meds that most likely to cause muscle cramps are Bronchodialators, both the short and long acting. These meds have been shown to result in muscle cramps.

What causes asthma med induced cramps?

[ Our inhalers may land safely within our lung space, but the rest of the trip is turbulence for our muscles! ]

Well, in laymen terms; these meds mostly work in the space of the lungs, but when they're inhaled, the residual medicine needs to find somewhere to go, so it makes the journey throughout the body looking for a landing strip.

[ Our muscles are like….🔼 😝 It’s no joke when it happens, like an invasion of the worse encounters! ]

This can result in our muscle neurons to light up [ because of the medication invading ] and that can result in the cramping and shakiness often experienced after dosing asthma meds.

It also affects out electrolyte levels causing dehydration, especially if you're not hydrating enough anyway.

Let's find out what to do to help move ourselves into a more comfortable space.

Remember, if your symptoms are too much to manage, please see your doc for their may be medication adjustments made.

Check with your doctor first, but if given the green light get some electrolyte drinks. I prefer one's with as little artificial ingredients as possible with food sensitivities. My doc's have suggested Pedilite, there's sugar free versions too.

You can also get electrolyte powders in individual packets [ my personal fave for easy access and storage ] in Pedialyte brand or more pure ingredient based brands. There's also gatorade widely available, but check with your health provider to make sure you're able to consume these drinks especially if you're on a low sodium diet.

Stretching the effected areas as much as possible, massaging the cramped areas can also help along with taking deep breaths ~ this imparts more oxygen into the body and muscles.. Particularly Deep Breath exercises.

Drinking pure water, of course is always the best choice every day as asthma and allergy meds can be dehydrating to the body.

This may be something we have to deal with, and it's difficult when it happens, but with these tips, hopefully we can plow through asthma med cramping effects together! Remember NEVER stop on your own taking your asthma meds. Always consult your doctor.


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