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Floral Bouquets ~ Yea or Nay For Asthma & Allergies?

Floral arrangements are attractive but they may come with a heavy price if your have asthma or allergies. Let's get into it!

Flowers to avoid both in the outdoor gardens and indoor bouquets are:

Sunflowers (My favorite!) Those deep colored heavily seeded bases ( center disk) are Full of Pollen. There are some pollen free sunflower varieties such as the Apricot Twist and the Joker, and they will be listed as hypoallergenic because their pollen is heavy and doesn't become airborne. If you're unsure or if the seller is unsure about the sunflowers being sold, it's best to pass.

Daisies ~ these delicate looking little beauties are high pollen producers. (Also my favorite! Drats!!)

Asters and any aster hybrids

Baby's Breath ~ these petite beauties can pack a punch of asthma and allergy 'enhancing' pollen! Remember this for those wedding bouquets!

Dahlias are members of the aster family like the above aster flowers so steer clear and admire from afar!

Gerber Daisies are touted for their air purifying abilities in the home, but for those with asthma/allergies it's a hard pass as these lovelies contain high levels of pollen.

Chamomile flowers are big producers of pollen AND the flowers are used in making chamomile Tea, which is a No-No for allergic lungs, because the flowers can still harbor allergens even after brewing.

Amaranth are stunning to the eye but dangerous for the lungs and nostrils! Otherwise known as pigweed, amaranths produce large amounts of very fine pollen particles that are easily wind borne with the slightest breeze or movement.

Chrysanthemums a familiar a unpopular flower is another member of the aster family thus, making them off limits.

Decorative grasses, we see them everywhere in home decor videos on You Tube, in dried flower arrangements...However, as nice as they are to look at, they can cause problems for asthma and allergy suffers. That included those irritable bunny tails too!

Looks like Pikachu may have grass allergies too! Or is he an actual bunny? I just realized this LOL! [ Actual Bunny Tails below! ]

English Lavender can flare allergic reactions for many, to both the pollen and its fragrance.

I love these rubber, yes, I said rubber tulip flowers my husband brought for me from Amsterdam Holland. They look so real, they may fool even the most die hard flower lover!!

[ The color variations make these tulips look so natural. My husband brought these from Amsterdam ]

Stay tuned for flower varieties that most allergy suffers can enjoy in our next post!

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