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Asthma & Garden Peat Moss Don’t Mix

have you seen it? Big bowls ow gloriously vibrant green moss in home decor to add a pop of nature indoors.

But wait!....Before you decide to copy that look, if you or loved ones live with asthma you may want to choose Artificial moss and here's why:

Peat moss is common in not only home decor but home gardening products. Peat Moss is the dead remnants of Sphagnum Mosss which comes from wet marshes called Peat Bogs🫣. While these bogs are an important part of the ecosystem containing more carbon than all plants and

[WOW!]; moss isn't great for our lung 🫁 ecosystem. 😉. So here's the scoop:

So, instead of using peat moss ( of which I'm replacing in all my plants 🪴🧐 ), switch to a Peat Free gardening g soil. Check the ingredients before you buy [ if the soil isn't labeled Pete Free then it isn't ‼️] or ask a gardening personnel ( if any) for better choices.

Making lifestyle adjustments for better lung health is Asthma Smart living📌😉


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