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Actionable Ways to Beat Allergies!

Most of us with asthma and allergies hate to hear this, but shutting out those spring/summer breezes is mandatory if the pollen count is high. Keeping windows and doors closed protects your indoor air quality. Installing a HEPA filter onto your heating/cooling system and using a HEPA filter vacuum also helps to keep pollen at bay.

Get clean! :() Whenever you leave home your bring back little bits of sticky pollen { even though you may not be able to see it }, that attaches to your body, hair, clothes and footwear.

Shower including hair and try and remember to leave those shoes at the door. Clean the area where everyone leaves their shoes because you don't want pollen build up on the floors!


Masks are the last thing I want to talk about but, they can be useful tools in asthma and allergy management. Masks can keep dangerous allergens form getting into your airways when you aren't able to avoid it any other way. N95 respirator masks (available most anywhere now) block 95% of small particles like pollen and other triggering allergens.

[ Sunday’s right, who says healthy is boring?! ]

[ The power of green! ]

We know that diet plays a huge role in our whole health, so getting in those nutrients with veggies, and fruits particularly ( if you aren't allergic or don't have oral allergy syndrome), apples, grapes, oranges and tomatoes. Apples are high in quercetin a flavonoid found in the pigment of plants/fruits.

[ These are the Quercetin supplements ~ shown by Violet :() my husband and myself use. I do have oral allergy syndrome, so I can't consume enough fruits for adequate amounts of this powerful antioxidant. ]

Quercetin not only supports our cardiovascular health, it helps improve the Anti-Inflammatory and Immune Response.

You can check with your health provider because quercetin supplement are available. They are a boon for those of us who can't eat certain fruits!

Blast out that nasal mucus by using a nasal rinse! It's good for rinsing out allergens, bacteria and thins mucus to cut down on post nasal drip. A simple saline rinse is good. I use Arm & Hammer Simple Saline Nasal Mist ~ Daily Care.

[ We love this berries tea hot or cold, it's delicious and keeps the hydration going! ]

Get to sipping if you are dripping! [ Post Nasal that is LOL ]

Getting in more liquid, water, of course, and other non alcoholic drinks helps to thin out the mucus and provide some measure of relief. Hot or warm beverages are not only good, but soothing and provide some steam.

Natural is best. Go through your home products and remove any with caustic chemicals that only aggravate allergic symptoms. Read those labels, or if you're up to it make your own. There are many recipes for natural all purpose cleaners.

You'd be amazed what simple white vinegar, baking soda and borax soap can clean! Keeping a clean home is one of the best ways to stave off allergens like dust, pet dander, mold and mildew.

Here's a link for a variety of natural home cleaning recipes. :) Clean in good health!

Get hot and steamy! Inhaling steam that is!!! :() Holding your head over a bowl of WARM not hot, [you don't want to burn your skin], water and placing a towel over your head to trap the steam is an age old remedy for allergy and asthma relief.

[ This lovely lady had the right idea, allergies or not; getting comfy with a warm cuppa, a few moments, and daydreams... :) ]

Kick that steam treatment up a notch by adding 100% natural essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, lavender

( good for asthma and relaxing ) oils to aid in un-stuffing clogged heads and noses.

Standing in a steamy shower, again, using a few drops of essential oils works well too.

Hot steamy drinks assist too and are relaxing and comforting to boot!

[ I don't think that little marshmallow or little choco are very happy about the bonfire! Maybe they have asthma!! LOL! ]

[ When your have a health issue like asthma, masks are just more tools in health management]

Avoid external smoke from cigarettes, cigars, pipes, bonfires, fireplace, and other sources of environmental smoke if possible. This is a lot harder if you live in an area like California where the smoke from seasonal fires and smog is excessive.


This is when those N95 masks become a benefit. If booking a hotel room, air B & B, ask for a smoke free if possible.

Lastly, its important to get to know your triggers so that your can be sure to make the proper preparations for your health. If you're unsure, talk to your allergist or other health care provider so that you can have a clear picture of what you need to avoid.

[ Having the right preparations means we can all be 'gangsta' when it comes to blasting away allergic reactions! ]

Let these tips empower you in your allergic health management. We can be forearmed and allergic powered together in knowledge, understanding and preparation!


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