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Your Digestive Health ~ On Fiber!

We hear about it all the time - get more fiber! Right?

But are we really?

Most of us still may not be...

Big eye roll eh?! Don't fret, let's get this in once and for all so that we can not only manage our gut health but our overall health as well. We live in such a toxic environment [ air, meds, food etc...] we may as well go all the way with a clear understanding of what to eat and how much! Let's get this party started!

Spread it around - fiber that is :() (throughout your day), we don't want to get 'fiberdized' - too much fiber in the intestines, which can cause constipation and bloating. Adding fiber to each meal and or snacks can make it easier to reach your fiber age marker shown above. Let's take a look at how to fiber up without making it a chore!

So, here we have a few simple examples of fiber rich foods that can be spread out throughout the day for fiber fueled power and digestive maintenance. The formula for fiber food types are:

fiber is such an important part of our digestive function which makes it so worth the attempt to 'bulk up'!! This may look like a lot and too much to incorporate into busy lives, but It really doesn't take too much to add in fiber rich foods without needing to actually keep counting the grams, I mean a handful of nuts or your favorite seeds [ hey they come seasoned or you can create seasoned seeds/nuts to suit your preferences! Who doesn't want that?!]. Low sugar granola bars to go and a piece of fruit, or chopped veggies. Cereal/porridge with fruit, a salad with sweet potato all are a fiber powerhouse!

How about whole grain toast and tea [ or spreading on fiber rich avocado! ]

- for me - buttered toast - the ultimate comfort food! [ the berries on top of toast make for an extra fiber boost!! We can do this!!

There are two types of fiber; Soluble and Insoluble: We need both

See how adding fresh greens to a sandwich, a side of your favorite veggie and or salad or tossing some flax or chia seeds into a smoothie, snacking on a simple bunch of grapes or a pear can add up to effective fiber power! I like to get in one good sized salad a day!

Just small adjustments can make a a big difference to help increase fiber intake. Choosing just one of these simple steps can get you on the right road to a happy gut!

Rhoda's cabbage chill!

[ Yeah, so Rhonda didn't like the way she was cut off in the pic gallery so she placed her pics again up close... In all her fiber filled glory! ]

Pineapple Delight

[ Fiber in one of it's most delicious forms Pineapples! ]

Don't forget to read those food labels. All nutrition labels list how much fiber there is in a food, as well as soluble and insoluble fibers. Look for whole grain in the top 3 ingredient list. Ingredients are listed in order of their quantity. Of course eating whole foods like the one's shown in this blog post are the best ways to get in all the fiber you need without adding in any unnecessary processed or chemical filled ingredients!

[ Poor Spongebob, he's lacking water, and probably fiber too!- He's looking a little dry! :() ]

Water is another important aspect of helping fiber to absorb more effectively. Remember light yellow or colorless urine is what we should aim for that tells us we're getting enough.

If you have digestive disorders, your doctor will advise you as to how much fiber you should consume, and it may be less or in smaller quantities which is why it's important to talk with your doc to manage any gut related disease.

[ Maibi isn't shy about getting to the 'bottom' of things to help others with digestive health! ]

It may be recommended that you take a fiber supplement [ This is our favorite purchased from Amazon ] Fiber supplements come in soluble and insoluble fiber so if you have digestive issues check with your doctor to find out which one you need more of to best help your gut health.

If you decide to take a fiber supplement remember to drink one FULL glass of water because it needs to absorb water to bulk up and soften your stools. Not drinking enough water with fiber supplements can bring on constipation You doctor will tell you how much you should take because too much of a good thing, like this fiber, can cause constipation and bloating.

[ Matt knows what's up! He's on top of his gut health and his fiber game is spot on!]

A fiber supplement is just a boost, not a substitute for fresh veggies and fruits, and other whole grain foods. Eating smart will make our guts smart too! What I like about upping our fiber intake is that it gets us eating real foods and less processed ones [ or at least it adds in the right amounts of the good stuff! So there's less room for the junky foods right LOL ].

I hope this will bless you with some clarity on fiber and they importance of it for our overall and gut health. Get moving with fiber to keep 'things' moving! :()

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