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Been Hearing 'Asthma Myths?' Get The Facts!

Often times, even those who think they know the facts on Asthma are surprised that some of what they knew were Asthma Myths. Let's get into a few of these well known beliefs!

[ I'd love to dig into that olive paste!! :() ]

Myth #1 Food has no effect on asthma. This couldn't be more wrong. A diet high in processed foods filled with sugars, high in fats like fried and snack foods, white flours and artificial ingredients cause Inflammation in the body, that includes the bronchial and lungs which can trigger asthma attacks. For many people with asthma [ myself included! ] [ but not everyone ] Dairy is too a big trigger for asthma. Alcohol is another trigger for many asthmatics due to the nitriates. This is why it's so important to learn what your body does and doesn't need.

Myth #2 You only need your asthma meds When you're having an attack. Wrong! Depending on your Asthma Type; mild, moderate or severe you will need to take your prescribed asthma management meds daily, along with a rescue inhaler or nebulizer during an attack.

Myth #3 You can't exercise if you're asthmatic. False! Exercise, keeping the heart and lungs strong and conditioned is an important part of your whole health management as well as caring for your asthma. It's important to know what type of fitness activities are appropriate for you, and know if your require further medication while working out. Talking with your health care provider will help to clarify your concerns on this issue.

Myth #4 You can just use any inhaler or meds for your asthma, or share meds with a fellow asthmatic. Danger Zone! Inhalers and asthma meds all work differently with each person's body. Being informed on which meds to take and in the proper way is one of the most important parts of asthma management.

Myth #5 Mostly kids develop asthma and grow out of it by adulthood. Not exactly so, while many children are fortunate enough to have outgrown their asthma and even some food allergies, many do not. Furthermore; many people develop asthma in late teens or anytime in adulthood. Asthma isn't solely genetic there are many factors that can bring on this lung affliction, such as environment [ during the Gulf War many soldiers and support staff developed asthma due to their toxic environment ]. Pregnancy, and our changing atmosphere are conditions that can bring on asthma along with many other life occurrences.

[ No-one likes these trouble makers! Least of all our Lung health! ]

Myth #6 Only damp climates flare asthma. Everyone's different, while many people thrive more in drier climates, there are some who fair well in damp climates [ though I'm not one of them LOL! ]. Again due to our changing world and the migration of people and their plants and animals, many areas which were free from certain pollens and grasses are no longer so. Also with longer seasons nowadays, and the cross-migration of allergens through wind storms rain and other weather disasters there aren't many 100% allergen free places left!

[ Gardening is an activity that's both heart smart as well as meditative! For us heavy Breathers, this includes indoor gardening too! :) ]

Myth #7 Stress will cause asthma flare ups. Again, this is very individual. Not everyone reacts and handles stress and anxiety the same way, and that includes their bodies physical reactions. If you do feel that stress may be triggering your asthma, see your health care provider. Also feel free to check out our many blog posts on living with asthma, including managing stress here at LivingThruGrace, under Asthma Health & Care!

So you see why it's so important to be informed on all of the factual what's up's when it comes to managing asthma? Wrong information can lead to hospital visits or worse. We at LivingThruGrace say that managing asthma is a full time job because it is! But armed with right information and consistent connections with our health care providers, along with diligent taking of prescribed meds and feeding our bodies and immune systems with anti-inflammatory high antioxidant food will keep us on the right track to being Asthma Warriors!

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