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Tummy Troubles? FODMAP Might Help & Heal.

At least I have an answer...For the past few months I've been suffering with gastric distress, and other related issues to say the least!! Gastric Tummy issues are more than just a tummy ache or a little gas. When the Gut isn't right, it effects the entire body, and the moods too! :o

[ Here's a video that gives us a better visual of what this type of Hernia is ]

Hernia: Whenever an internal body part pushes into an area it isn't supposed to it's labeled a hernia. I currently have a Hiatus Hernia. The Hiatus is an opening in the diaphragm's wall which separates the chest from the abdomen. The hiatal hernia causes the stomach to bulge into the chest cavity through the diaphragm wall. Yikes!

[ Living with Belly Issues can make life miserable. Natalie's here to walk Tammy & myself through through this delicate process! ]

Because of my stomach distension, pain, pressure, gas and all around uncomfortable feeling, I've been prescribed to go on a FODMAP diet [ ooh, more fun! ]. FODMAP approved foods are prebiotics so they support the growth of good Gut bacteria. Science Time kids!! :() FODMAP stands for:

[ Looks like this guy has been told to alter his diet with FODMAPS! He's got beginners overwhelm!! Who can relate?! ]

Fermentable: broken down bacteria in the large bowel

Oligosaccharides: [ thats a mouth full! LOL ] Oligo= few Saccharide= sugar; molecules of individual sugars that are joined to create a chain

Disaccharides: Di=2 a double sugar molecule

Monosaccharides: Mono=1 a single sugar molecule

And; self explanatory ha ha!

Polyols: Sugar alcohols; and there we have FODMAP!

Ok, now that we understand what the acronym means, how does eating this way help various digestive issues and diseases from GERD, to IBS. FODMAP is a growing dietary lead treatment given by many Dietitian's. It's a nutrition Prescription and here at LivingThruGrace; we are all about that!

So, what does this all mean? What the heck can us FODMAP'ers eat??

FODMAPS are tricky because they are in so many foods, healthy ones like green beans and chia seeds and various otherwise healthy foods. While I'm still navigating my way through this food maze along with having Food Allergies :0 what I can tell you is this: Get yourself to a certified Nutritionist/Dietitian, particularly one who's schooled in FODMAP diet plans.

It's too easy to become under nourished when you've so many food restrictions, and without following the FODMAP correctly, it could be difficult for proper healing of Gut Based Health Issues. Here's an example of the confusion that can occur on this diet: Eating green beans are Low FODMAP at a serving size of 12 beans, but just a few more over, then these safe veggies become the enemy and Moderate amounts FODMAP! This is the case with many other vegges and healthy foods that in any other case would be golden!

[ I think he's got the wrong idea of FODMAP food balance! :() ]

This brings me to my next all important point; Portion Sizes!! :o When I say portion size matters I mean it. This is one of the factors that makes a big difference in the healing of the Gut and how we're feeling! Even Low FODMAP foods eaten in too large a quantity (or more than 2 at a time) can push the scales over into Moderate to High FODMAP foods, even if they're originally Low FODMAP. Here is where a trained Nutritionist/Dietitian can be invaluable, there's so much information available, but some of it conflicting; but a trained person in dietary health can arm you with trusted information (food lists, recipes, and other helpful resources) to guide you along this journey. Having the right support will help ensure success with our Gut Health!

[ Never give up! Our body's our temple! ]

It's important to have realistic expectations of ourselves and our experiences as we progress along this healing path. There's a LOT to learn and take in, combined with the changes that will take place within our body that will bring varied results; especially until we get the hang of this! :() The type A in me tends to run full speed ahead into things expecting to get straight A's with each task! :() Life doesn't work this way, and patience really is one of our best virtues! LOL

[ Those of us with Food Allergies have all been there; the but of someone who doesn't understand's jokes. ]

Although having support of family and friends can make this journey more palatable; this isn't always the case for many of us. Just remember, we're healing our body and that's what the main focus must be. Judgements from those closest to us can't be allowed to distract from the mission; to Heal! It will most likely be necessary to bring your own foods to get-togethers, and events. However a Dietitian/Nutritionist can help prepare for various occasions, as well as train us on how to navigate through restaurant foods safely.

Currently, I'm looking for a professional to help me along this journey, but until then I'm in the process of removing many of the triggers ( remember healthy foods are triggers too like onions & garlic! Arrg!) I have since learned that cooking foods with garlic or onion Infused oils is safe, Woo-Hoo! I've still been experiencing major ups and downs with gas, tummy pain and distension ( what I've termed Buddha Belly! ).

I've found a couple of apps to be helpful especially when grocery shopping. One app I really like is called Intolerances.

You put in your food allergies/intolerances and check the fodmap box and the list of HIGH FODMAP foods are removed from the foods list. So helpful. Foods are listed by color; Green Low FODMAP Yellow Medium or safe in moderation, Orange, proceed with caution, and Red, consume as infrequently as possible. I was also able to blot out gluten foods and ones with high amounts of Histamine. Intolerances is a paid app, but I found it to be worth the convince. Check out the ones available to find which ones may work for you.

[ Tammy's ready to heal her bloated belly and so am I! :() ]

So, here we begin to learn, to heal, to re-gain our health. The effects of feeling unwell reverberates throughout our lives and how we function within them. The blessing of good health is a goal, a lifestyle that is worth all of the hard work, the frustration, and time it takes to maintain our temple.

Yes good health, especially in these times can often leave us in a Twilight Zone; a dimension as vast as the knowledge available to us. All of us who live with health issues exist in a middle ground between light and shadow, between medicine and nutrition, and it lies between the pit of our struggles and the summit of our determination. This is the dimension of Health and Healing. It is an area which we call the Healing Zone! ;)

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body. ~ 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

~Never give up on your health!

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