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Arnica~For Natural Pain Relief

[ Roxy's happy to have discovered the pain relieving power of Arnica Gel for her achy joints! ]

Pain management isn't easy and it's on the uprise. We live in a strange time, one where there are numerous options for controlling pain, but comes along with numerous and often dangerous side effects. Addiction to prescription pain killers is at an all time high, and it's destroying the health and well being of those affected by it.

[ "Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy peace and security." ]

There is another road, another possibility and that's Homeopathic care. Homeopathic medicine has been around for centuries and what we forget os that it worked, Yes of course we are blessed to have modern advances in medical care, and to embrace one isn't knocking the other. Their's a place for both modalities of care to co exist.

Arnica is one of those very well established homeopathic remedies that's existed for centuries, Arnica is derived from a flower Arnica Montana that hails from the mountainous regions of Siberia and Europe. It's referred to as the 'mountain daisy as it looks so similar to the daisy, beautiful and healing! :D Arnica Creams and Ointments are made from the flower top and are used for pain and soreness of the muscles, joints, as well as inflammation and swelling ( the anti inflammatory property in the arnica plant is called Thymol ) making it a great alternative for those who live with arthritis.

[ This scene has played many times for myself and Clawdie! Roxy lovingly aids her pal and her sore back from asthma with soothing Arnica Gel. :) ]

Roxy, Clawdie ( pictured above and I can all attest to the healing effects of Arnica Gel for our inflamed muscles; for me (and Clawdie) we use it on our upper back where our lungs are located when we have soreness from our asthma and I use it on my neck where I have osteoarthritis from neck bone spurs, and it really takes down our soreness! ) I've use Arnica Gel on may hubby's sore muscles and he too has felt it's benefits. It's nice to not have to take something internally like Tylenol based pain meds to get realistic relief from the pain. Most of the traditional painkillers have damaging effects if used over a period of time, and they aren't tummy friendly either!

[ Uh oh! It looks like this doc's patient is going to need some Arnica Gel, look at the size of that knife!! :D :D ]

Arnica is proving to be a superstar in helping the skin heal after bruising, especially after surgery, plastic surgery included. The gel I use Who Foods 365 Brand has NO medicinal scent, but a pleasant almost vanilla-floral scent! Arnica isn't recommended for use on skin that's cut or broken as it can cause irritation, and for some it can cause allergic reactions. ( I'm the allergic reaction queen and I've yet to experience one with use of arnica gel :D but we're all different so start with a small amount and proceed from there.)

[ Don't make change too complicated just begin ~ Author Unknown ]

Arnica pain relief can also be found in tablet form to take internally. I've yet to try them, but they're available for those who'd prefer something less evasive than chemical based pain relief meds. I'd recommend that everyone who desires to take arnica internally ( the tabs) to check again with their health care providers before using, :) It's always best to be safe! Women who are pregnant or breast feeding need to consult with their health care practitioner before using. Everything usually comes full circle in life and that includes our health and wellness. All of the modalities that were used by our ancestors were given to them through the Lord's wisdom and guidance and it's come back to our modern times that these homeopathic treatments still prove as effective as they once were.

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