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Seasonal Allergy Myths & Facts!

Desert climates are better for asthma and allergies. ~MYTH

Ragweed pollen and grasses are pretty much everywhere now. While some climates may curb your symptoms, the relief may only be temporary as you could begin to have reactions to allergens in your new environment soon after a move.🤧

Fresh Cut Flowers will trigger asthma and or allergies. ~ MYTH

Allergic reactions are generally brought on by trees, grasses and weeds. Fresh cut blossoms are not likely to cause a reaction unless you’re allergic to a specific flower.

Beaches are safe from pollen. ~ MYTH

While beaches have Lower pollen counts, grasses are very common and near beaches, not to mention, ragweed pollen can be found as far as 400 miles out to sea.😯

Pollen counts can be used to predict bad days. ~ FACT

Pollen counts are accurate, that’s why you should have an app for it on your phone to check daily before leaving the house to be better prepared. Pollen counts measure how much fine pollen dust is in the air over a period of time.

Honey fresh and local can fight off allergies. ~ MYTH

It’s believed that honey is a natural remedy for pollen prob. But most allergens don’t stem from the type found in homey, so it can’t help you build up any immunity😩

Kids can outgrow seasonal allergies. ~ MYTH

While some kids may experience some improvement, most won’t if they have hay fever.

Rain can wash away pollens. ~ MYTH

Pollen counts run lowest on chilly soggy days, after a heavy rain, but note pollens are still on the ground as they are sticky so it’s important to continue to be prepared with your asthma and allergy meds, and change remove footwear and change clothes when back home. Keep in mind too, that during and after rain humidity follows, so plan trips accordingly for lung health!

Pollen tends to run highest between 10am and 4pm especially on hot dry days. Late afternoon pollen counts began to fall, but keep checking those pollen count apps!

Hay fever comes from hay. ~MYTH

Hay fever isn’t a fever and you can get it if you’ve never been to a farm😆. It’s caused by grass, trees and weed pollens, along with mold spores. If you live with allergies you are more likely to have a reaction in rural areas.

You didn’t have childhood allergies so you’re safe from ever getting them. ~MYTH

Many allergies begin in childhood, but you can develop them anytime throughout your life at any age.

Allergy shots can help in treatment of allergies. ~ FACT

While allergy shots aren’t a way to cure you from them, they can help cut your reactions to certain allergens. It requires a commitment so talk to your doc { and insurance company 😉 } before starting them. They can also help in the treatment of asthma.✔️

Now that we're wiser we can move forward with allergic health management at our fingertips!

You hit home runs not by chance but by preparation.

~Roger Maris

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