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Let’s Get Medical Prepped!

[ Ok, body lotion and moisturizing shampoo aren’t medical supplies but dry skin and hair - ‘ain’t’ no fun! 😂] Target 🎯 and Costco have great deals on body products that make it easy to grab a couple extra. BTW love Plamer’s Cocoa Butter always will! ]

Part 2 of our preparedness series is medical care. In these uncertain times we have to do what’s in our power to make sure we and loved ones are covered with proper medication and equipments for our health needs.

In our home we live with Asthma, allergies and a heart issue, so we must keep up with our care with medications and supplements ( as directed by doctors). So how do we make sure we’re covered? Well, if your health insurance offers 3 month ( 90 days) prescriptions ( in lieu of obtaining meds one month at a time), it can be a real boon for emergencies or medicine shortages. 📌

Make sure your nebulizers are in working order and if it’s possible have an extra on hand because they do wear out. This also goes for all nebulizer equipment such as breathing mouthpieces, tubing, and Nebulizer Filters. Filters need to replaced as often as your nebulizer instructions recommend, and can be purchased from your pharmacy or check with the company of your nebulizer. Clean filters keep the nebulizer working efficiently.

Check with your insurance to find out if this is possible. It’s more costly up front, but the price of having necessary meds on hand makes this well worth it. I realize this may not be possible for some due to insurance restrictions.

I encourage that you ASK, in these times some insurance companies have modified their policies and may allow for 3 month refills and filling by mail.

[ Ask me! I’ll be happy to help! ]

Also check with your state for Medicaid eligibility which may provide extended unemployment benefits for those out of work. Check with your Pharmacist and ask if they provide coupons like GoodRX. Blink Health, Canada RX and SingleCare;

( these Digital Pharmacies provide discounts and coupons that can lower drug prices.)

Cost Plus Drugs- Pharmacy start up for digital pharmacy~ claims to have lowest prices for the top 10 most prescribed prescription drugs and more. Also don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist if they can lead you to another solution to save medication costs.

[ Was that a Sharknado ?!!🤣🦈]

Know that in case of natural disasters most insurance companies will relax their refill policies.

List all your meds and include both the brand name and generic names, dosages and any other info that may be useful for pharmaceutical providers that may not be your usual.

Other meds important to keep on hand are OTC meds ( over the counter ). Pain medications ( whatever is safe for you to take, for instance if you’re a heart patient it’s probably not wise to take ibuprofen - so go with what your doctor recommends. Other OTC’s are aspirin, baby aspirin, acetaminophen which can be used to reduce fevers as well as help with pain.

[ We keep a combo of both Natural pain reliever creams like Capsaicin Cream - derived from hot peppers and yes it can burn some!🔥😜 and Arnica Gel derived from the arnica plant - one of my faves☺️ (and the hard stuff - because sometimes you need to go there!

For a drug free choice, there is curcumin the powerful component of Turmeric for pain relief. Cucurmin can be purchase in capsule or liquid forms. For muscle aches and pains there are numerous choices both otc and natural. In the next post I’ll discuss some go-to natural soothing and healing balms we keep on deck😉

A mishmash of our supplement game😁 most sen my my functional medical doctor. Always check with your doc and not copy someone else’s supplement requirements.

Many of these are from Amazon but I do have others from my doc’s office.

Ok, so you get the general idea? Just stock up on what you usually need or may need like band aids and gauze, antibacterial cream ( for cuts and what not), hydrogen peroxide ( can serve a multitude of purposes, check it out online ). A few items whenever you can adds up📌

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In part three, I’ll have a few more general suggestions to keep on top for the well being of you and your loved ones.☺️


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