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Look Differently See Differently

( Notice... If only a few moments )

Our world has most definitely changed, and so must we. We must learn to lean heavy into God for real truth and wisdom. We should also readjust our vision, both in the way we see and think; in how we adapt and move forward in our lives.

( Beauty & Purpose )

This flower is approaching g the end of its life, but it's still beautiful, it it still has its foundation, and it can still be a giver of the joy; our Lord's creativity. Most of us are feeling beaten down from this darkening world, life, health issues etc... but instead of giving in, let's allow God's given beauty, and our purpose to continue to light up this darkening world.

Slowing down the pace if just for a bit helps us to think outside of our needs and put a focus on others like community. (In whichever ways you are led) Every penny helps, especially now when prices of foods and other items are sky high to bring basic needs and some comforts for those in need.

Whenever I notice I'm in a funky mood, feeling beat down by life, etc... I'm remembering to just take a few moments to pray, reading scriptures that give me the kick in the pants that I need! God's Word isn't just for our comfort.. We need his tough love, that comes from scripture too. 😵‍💫

Scripture points us to Jesus and away from ourselves. ☑️

Jesus is our past, present and future. His assurance is what we must cling to not the world's happenings because it will continue until Jesus returns. He provides enough insight through the Gospel for us to retain hope and strengthen our resolve in our future... Just Enough is enough with Jesus,🙌🏽

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