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Let's Plant Seeds To Flourish Our Spirit!

'What we focus on is what will GROW stronger in our lives.'

The world is changing rapidly, yes it's true, but that just means that we must learn to be steadfast in our own growth. We must plant the right seeds to flourish into the flowers God planted. It often seems overwhelming in modern living to know how to plant fruitful seeds, nut we needn't fret because our Lord God is the ultimate gardener!

Our seeds come freely to us from our Father and they allow us to focus on the renewal of our minds by...

Whatever is True; truth of God's Word over the words and ways of this world. The world's truth is completely opposite God's desire for us. [ Satan will spend a lifetime trying to convince us the ways of this world are better for us ] Focus on God's Truth to flourish! It's not easy to live opposite the world, but it will be so worth it...

Whatever is Honorable, there seems to be less and less honor in this world. :/ We can see this in people's treatment of each other, people's lack of character, common sense and good will. Being honorable is to esteem, to value and to respect. ~Honor one another above yourselves ~ Romans 12:10

Whatever is Right; Doing and loving what is right. We must continuously keep ourselves focused on this mindset. Living in the world, we will fall away again and again, and it takes us giving our wrong mindsets up to God so he can 'plant' right ones. Our bible, prayer, and our relationship with God are the keys to keeping our minds working the way God designed them to.

( It takes heavy handedness of body, mind and spirit to grow our seeds throughout a lifetime. )

Whatever is Honorable; Satan is the complete opposite of honorable, we have to strive to live opposite of who he is. God lays out moral principles for us to live by, but the modern world is always trying to convince us that 'honorably, moral and right are old fashioned, non inclusive, and just not a fun way to live. Unfortunately, this works for many so people without a relationship and knowledge of God. But those who remain steadfast in God and have the convictions to look past Satan's illusions that create delusions are able to keep what is honorable and true as a lifestyle. ~It takes work!!!

Whatever is Pure, Lovely, Admirable, Praiseworthy; these are active adjectives! If we can keep focused on these traits over things of darkness; such as hate, dissension, divisions, and things of that nature, we will more often able to keep a Godly mindset, and pass that into the world.

As spring approaches, and many of us look forward to gardening our plants, produce and flora, let's first remember to keep planting our own seeds to grow into a fruitful life that pleases God! Satan can't win against that!

And be not conformed to this world; but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect, will of God. ~Romans 12:2

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