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Inhaler Tips For Happy Lungs 🫁

Establishing an effective routine for inhaler use is ‘Prime’ for keeping asthma under control!

sometimes we’re rushing and just want to get it done, but taking the time to develop good technique

will pay for itself in the long run. What is an inhaler technique?

Our goal here is to keep out of emergency rooms and reduce the frequency of asthma attacks👏🏽👏🏽 so let’s up our inhaler game to fight back against inflamed airways!

When and how often should inhalers be primed?

Priming means spraying empty puffs into the air BEFORE your first use of a new inhaler A primed inhaler ensures NO medicine is wasted👏🏽👏🏽 Priming also allows the meds in the inhaler chamber to mix evenly.

Give that inhaler a good shake-skake! This again, mixes the meds in the chamber. Do this before EACH USE of your inhaler.

Inhalers should always be used according to doctors directions✔️ If you’re out getting effective results from your current doses, get in touch with your health care provider for an update on dosing.

Different types of inhalers require different application and dosing times and amounts, here’s the general lowdown:✅

[ Vanessa’s inhalers are kept clean, primed and always ready to get the job done! ]

When inhalers aren’t used properly we can expect a 60% Decrease in Medicine amounts that reach the lungs 🫁 😲

Spacers are a plastic chamber where the asthma dose travels to get the meds deeper into your lungs. These are so important, remember the goal is less asthma flares, and better asthma control. Getting as much medicine into our lungs 🫁 is the goal!

Don't forget to hold your breath for at least 10 seconds with each inhaler puff. This allows time for the medicine to get to where it needs to be and for the meds to work.😉

[ I think this guy’s taking priming to another level!🤣🤣 ].

Now let’s get back into our lives, armed with Asthma Inhaler Smart Tips for better breathin!!

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