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Dairy Doesn't Have to be Scary!

For those who enjoy consuming dairy products but shy away because it doesn't exactly 'do a body good',need not to of these simple steps are taken! :()

According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 65% [ particularly those of African American and Hispanic decent where over 80% of all people may experience some degree of intolerance ] of people have reduced ability to digest lactose, and while most of have heard of being Lactose intolerant many are Casein intolerant. What does this mean?

[ Are these pizza-etts doing the Single Ladies dance? :() ]

Lactose is a sugar found in milk and other dairy products, and our body has an enzyme called Lactase which breaks down the lactose in milk. This lactose is broken soon into simple sugars ( glucose and galactose ). When the body is inefficient in digesting lactose it travels into the large intestine where it becomes fermented by bacteria. This causes symptoms like gas and bloating, indigestion and diarrhea.

We live in a time where there are options of you choose to continue with dairy based products. Lactose free dairy products like milk and ice cream as well as low fat dairy products have the lactose protein removed, and eating smaller amounts of low fat and fat free dairy free products are easier to digest.

[ Anne and Diane are looking over the Now brand digestive enzymes that I use :() they have both decided to incorporate enzymes into their digestive management o those occasions where they need a little extra help, such as with rich foods, or meat and fried foods. ]

One other option for lactose intolerance are Enzyme supplements. Digestive enzymes that have the Lactase that many are lacking can give your digestive system the aid it needs, and may stave off many of the uncomfortable symptoms experienced from this issue. Digestive enzymes need to be taken whenever eating any dairy foods.

Look for supplements that contain lactase ( supports digestion of lactose) and

protease( helps to break down casein ), to support the whole digestive system.

Casein Intolerance, the lesser known of these two is caused by the difficulty to digest casein, also a protein in milk and is found in dairy products with a higher protein count like yogurt, kefir, cheese and ice creams. However, butter and cream also contain casein in lower amounts but individuals may still react to them. Many of the symptoms are similar to those of lactose intolerance such as indigestion, bloating, gas, and diarrhea. Because the symptoms are alike, many people think they're lactose intolerant but are instead casein intolerant.

[ Robin still enjoys mac & cheese dairy free way with this Amy's brand of gluten & dairy free meal! Dairy free doesn't have to be boring! ]

If you're finding that enzymes aren't promoting any relief for your symptoms whether they be from lactose or casein, it may be time to cross over to the dairy free side of life! :() It's always best to talk to your healthcare provider,( to make sure you're not suffering from some other digestive issue ), but these symptoms are often immediate and pretty obvious if your body is telling you it can't tolerate dairy products.

[ Dairy Free milk range from Almond and other nut based to Coconut and Oat! ]

[ Your don't have to give up yogurt without dairy, try cashew (extra creamy, or coconut based yogurt alternatives! Delicious ]

I've been off dairy products for years due to it's interference with my asthma and sinuses. Dairy products are mucus producing by nature so if you're living with issues with excess mucus, again you will probably begin feeling better making the switch to non dairy products. The good news is that there are such tasty varieties of non dairy milks and creamers, ice creams, yogurts etc... on the market, you may not miss it!!

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