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The Power OF Fruit & Veggie Powder!

[ I think Willow has the right idea, these powders are Super Powers! :() ]

While fresh is best and frozen next when it comes to our fruits and veggies, there's another alternative that's good to have on hand, and that is powdered versions of those super powered plant foods! I for one, always keep my pantry stocked with a few of my faves like beet, kale, berry and spinach powders! :()

Why veg powders? Well, they aren't just a stand in for fresh, veggie powders can be utilized in a multitude of ways. Powdered 'superfoods' meaning natural foods rich in nutrients and inflammatory fighting antioxidants, allow us to keep a balance to our diet through easily adding in those foods we may not always get enough of. Antioxidants and flavonoids, fiber, vitamins A, C, E, B, K plus calcium, iron magnesium and potassium found in leafy greens, berries and other fruits, spices and herbs fight off heart disease, cancer, enhance with digestion, as well as boosts immunity and fight off stress and inflammation.

Powdered veggies and fruits are dried concentrated foods in powdered form. These powders can be purchased as a single ingredient ( or single fruit or veg ), or as a mix up of fruits and veggies, and or spices for drink and smoothie mixes. Simply add a couple of tablespoons ( or the amount listed on the label ) to water, smoothies, fresh juices or whatever you'd like mix well ( I mix in a blender, although that's not really necessary ); these powders can be added to a mix-cup with others ( such as powdered spinach and berries ), and a non dairy milk source, ( or dairy ), and your favorite protein powder if you like and voila, an instant health boost to go!

I can't tell you how many times these have saved me when I was in an asthma flare and had no energy to do anything let alone wash and chop up produce for a juice! I like to grab the travel sizes of veggie powders for on the go nutrition in a cup!!

Willow's Easy Beetroot Latte:

1 Cup of milk of choice

1 -2 tsp Beetroot powder

1 tbsp maple syrup or sweetener of choice

If you'd like a Red Velvet taste add in 1 tbsp cocoa powder

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Whisk all ingredients together in a sauce pan and heat until warm

You can top off with a little coconut whip ( So Delicious makes an amazing one!)


However, you don't have to stop at drinking these super powders, they can be added to any of your favorite dishes, such as carrot powder into pasta sauce ( can't taste it! ), try adding one or more of these veggie powders to any soup or stew, or making a healthy non-caffeinated latte using beetroot and cocoa powder, or a turmeric or golden milk latte using turmeric, ginger, and a few spices!

Another great thing about these super powders is that they make a great natural and fortifying food colorant! Sprinkle berry or a little beetroot powder into frosting or icing, or into cake mix to get beautiful shades ranging from pastel pink to deep red. How about incredible hulk cookies using a bit of kale or spinach powder into a cooking dough! The kids will love it and using just a teaspoon or so won't affect the taste!! Using these veggie and fruit powders are a good way to get that unicorn/mermaid effect in foods that's so popular right now.

Once you're comfortable with these powders your imagination will lead you to topping, mixing and hiding veggie sources everywhere! :()

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