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Better Health By Upping Our Potassium Game!

Potassium is a critical nutrient, an electrolyte that's responsible for counteracting the effects of sodium in the blood. Potassium supports a balanced blood pressure, bone strength, heart health and muscle development. A higher potassium intake may help to reduce the risk of stroke.

Deficiencies in potassium could lead to constipation and fatigue and in extreme cases; respiratory failure, paralysis and gut obstruction. In face, according to studies, up two 98% of the population doesn't get enough of the recommended amounts of potassium. That's a problem! :o Healthy adults need to consume 4,700 mg of potassium daily.

Let's up out potassium life starting now with the right foods and making sure we're getting more of them in our diet!

Foods Highest in Potassium:

Beet Greens: 1 cup [ toss into a smoothie or salad or sautéed ]

White beans: 1 cup

Lima Beans : 1 cup

Soy Beans: 1 cup of soy milk or 1/2 cup tofu, soy meat, temple, or soybeans

Foods High in Potassium:

Fruit: Bananas 1 whole fruit a single serving

Sweet Potato: Veggie 1 medium potato

Dairy: Milk 1 cup

Protein: Lentils 1 cup

Grains: Oats and Oat Bran 1 cup dry

Foods Medium in Potassium:

Fruit: Cantaloupe 1/8 of a wedge

Veggie: Broccoli 1/2 cup

Dairy: Greek Yogurt 1 6oz container

Protein: Chicken Breast 4 oz

Grain: Brown Rice 1 cup cooked

Foods Lowest in Potassium:

Fruit: Blueberries [ We love these frozen wild ones from Target! ] 1/2 cup serving

Veggie: Iceberg Lettuce Serving size 1 cup chopped

Dairy: Fresh Mozzarella Serving size 1oz

Protein: Eggs 1 large egg

Grain: Whole grain white bread Serving size 1 slice

So as you can see, it's really not that hard to get in the much needed amounts of potassium for maximum health benefits! Potassium rich foods are everyday food items that are easily found in any market and many are super simple to prepare and incorporate into daily meals!!

Often those of us on medications for chronic conditions may be deficient in this super nutrient, and deficiencies in potassium can have serious effects on our health. Check with your healthcare team to find out where you are on the potassium scale.

Deficient or not, lets strive to maintain or boost those potassium levels with delicious and simple real whole foods! :()

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