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The What's Up with Curry Leaves!

Ok, I usually prefer to stick to food based supplementing that's familiar like fruits, fish etc...but, occasionally I do incorporate a few not so well known health supplements; while still food based, because they ARE a food :(), but not as familiar to people. ( like Maca powder, but more on that deliciousness later! Ha ha ).

Curry leaves are just that, although they've always been widely used in Indian culinary foods. So why add them? Well, you don't have to but you may want to because of their health boosting powers! :()

Curry leaves are herbs that are full of essential nutrients that benefit a multitude of health aliments and are full of nutrients like




Vitamins AB &C

Amino acids

Antioxidants which fight free radicals and help in the healing of most of our disease and illness!

I don't know about you, but living with several health conditions, one of them being tough to manage Asthma, I need all the help I can get! :)

These little leaves have sugar lowering effects from the protein in the leaves which give the pancreas a boost and protect it form free radical damage. They are also high in minerals like zinc and copper which stimulate the pancreas.

Curry leaves are thought to help reduce body fat through the addition of them into meals and even smoothies or juices. Weight loss if needed is a great help with the management of asthma and other health conditions like diabetes!

[ Sam's been forgetting things lately, after talking to her doc, she's been cleared of any other issues, just life in modern society! LOL She's going to start adding curry leaf powder to her green juices for additional support! ]

Who doesn't need help with memory retention these days?! :() Curry leaves can sharpen memory and reduce the effects of memory loss.

Thanks to the presence of vitamin A in the curry leaf, our eyesight gets support as vitamin A promotes the eye cornea the transparent covering of the eyes. Certain inhalers taken for asthma can have an effect of eyesight over time, even be the root cause of cataracts, so curry leaves are a welcome addition if you're living with asthma or lung conditions. Try adding fresh curry leaves or powdered version to fresh green juices and smoothies.

Alkaloids found in curry leaves aid in the healing of wounds, boils, mild burns and itchy inflamed skin.

Making a paste from the curry leaves acts as an antiseptic. As summer approaches a curry leaf paste may be just the thing to soothe dry or sunburned skin!

Place curry leaves in a small pot with whole milk ( known to help to heal and control allergic skin reactions, red spots and rashes )

Boil for a few minutes

Apply after cooled to effected areas

[ Neem leaf is another name for curry leaves ]

Acne issues? Instead of chemical based acne creams why not try a curry leaf and turmeric combo?

Simply take a few curry leaves ( or ground curry leaves known as Neem leaf ) and turmeric powder

Blend into a paste with the addition of a little water or rose water

Apply onto the effected areas and let dry.

After dried, remove by washing with cold water

Curry leaves increase digestive secretions that help with relief of digestive disorders as well as nausea, vomiting and even morning sickness. I like using the dried form of the leaves because it's easier to incorporate into other ingredients.

Try 1 tbsp dried (neem) curry leaves mixed with a cup of water for nausea.

Curry leaves can also be simmered or just soaked in 4 cups of water for a couple of hour. Filter the leaves and drink a half cup of the solution up to three times a day for nausea and vomiting.

The curry feaf has multiple uses and advantages. I'm definitely going to begin adding it to my curries, as well as a regular opponent to my green juices! Neem (ground curry leaf ) powder can be found in most local Indian markets or even some health markets.. I went the time saving 'Amazon' route and ordered it with ease. :()

If you want to give this powerful herb a try hurry over to curry (leaves)! Boost your health with natural herbal antioxidants!!

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