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Let's Keep Fighting Inflammation with Real Foods!

[ Inflammation can really weigh us down...]

We talk a lot about inflammation on the blog and that's because it affects our entire body and it's functions! Inflammation is the butt of so many diseases and illnesses such as cancer, obesity, heart disease and more, so we have to do everything that we can to assist our bodies with getting it under control. Here at LivingThruGrace, we deal with Asthma & allergies, Osteoarthritis, and GI issues and each one of these are affected by inflammation in the body, so this is why it will be an ongoing fight! We are after all, Health Warriors!! :()

[ Both nuts and seeds are loaded with healthy omegas and good fats. These cashews from Trader Joe's are perfectly portioned out for a single serving! ]

If you're not allergic or do not have GI issues that will be affected; Go Nuts! You'll be getting a healthy dose of good fats that fight inflammation, along with calcium, vitamin E and fiber! Nuts help the body to actually repair damage caused by inflammation!!! Woot Woot!!

We never tire of our dark leafy's because they come in so many varieties! Our Crew ladies chose these tasty mini Brussel sprouts to roast up until they're crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. That's good green eatin'! Vitamin E is key in the fight against inflammation, and dark green and leafy veggies like kale, broccoli, and cruciferous veggies ( like our sprouts ) are loaded with this inflammation fighting vitamins along with calcium, iron and other disease fighting nutrients!

Veggie or fruit? It really doesn't matter because this powerhouse veg/fruit is full of lycopene that aids in reducing inflammation of the lung and throughout the body! When tomatoes are consumed cooked, the lycopene concentrates to provide us with even more of this powerful nutrient! Tomatoes are part of the nightshade family, like eggplant, so if those particular veggies indeed your health keep away from them.

[ Some people and doctors believe that nightshades can worsen arthritis symptoms.]

Tart cherries really can make life, or our health, at least a bowl of cherries! :() This sweet tart fruit contains the Highest anti inflammatory content of ANY food! Everyone should try and get more of this real super food into their diets. Athletes can recover faster from intense workouts and have less post exertion muscle pain after consuming tart cherry juice. Eating 11/2 cups of tart cherries or drinking 11/4 cups of tart cherry juice a day can yield similar benefits. I've been meaning to keep this juice on hand as part of my daily asthma maintenance!

[ As you can see we love fatty fish at our house! ]

Fatty fish, oily, like salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines are high in omegas 3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation. Fish consumed a few times a week healthfully prepared (not fried, dried or salted ) can help to fight off heart disease and also provides our brains with an omega health boost too!! [ we're all about healthy brains at LivingThruGrace! ]

If the Gif above doesn't wet your whistle for some juicy berries, I don't know what will! While all fruits help to fight inflammation because of their high fiber and other nutrients, berries contain exceptionally high anti inflammatory benefits. Their power stems from their bright rich colors, caused by anthocyanin their antioxidant. Just get ya' some, they're 'berry berry' good for you! :()

We can't 'beat' beets for their health properties which include powerful anti inflammatories and anti oxidants that keep our inflammation under control and fights off disease like heart and cancer. Beets are also generous in their fiber content, so if you're not into the beet flavor, try roasting them with some other veggies like carrot, broccoli and potatoes! Even kids will eat veggies when their roasted! The gold beets are my personal favorite! :)

[ The beautiful beginnings of a delicious crudite platter! ]

We don't need to be afraid of healthy oils in our diet. Oils such as olive are loaded with anti inflammatories! The Mediterranean diet's been touted as so healthy because of the inclusion of so many heart healthy foods that includes the wide use of olive oil. But, seriously, who doesn't love an olive layout?!

This power duo ginger and turmeric has been revered for ages for their healing properties. These cousin spices both work to allieviate inflammation in the body, and turmeric can aid with gut inflammation issues. [ check with your healthcare provider before using turmeric when pregnant or if you're unsure if you're taking meds. ] I use these spices generously when cooking our meals, not only do they add delicious flavor, but color ( turmeric ) too! One of my favorite ways to use these spices are in my favorite Golden Milk drink!

Simply add a couple of tsp of the spice blend or simmer minced fresh ginger and turmeric root in your favorite milk ( we are non dairy ) for 10 minutes or so.

I like adding in the spices anise and cinnamon and vanilla too for extra flavor and the healing benefits from those spices as well!

[ Take a whole grain bread and toast it up then add on delicious healthy toppings! ]

We can't talk inflammation fighting without mentioning whole grains! Not only do whole grains help to keep our systems regular (Ahem!), because of their fiber, but when Unprocessed, help keep inflammation away. Whole grains contain many other nutrients and carbs to keep our body and our brains happy! Good mood food!

[ Beautiful collard greens! ]

Let's all work to keep on adding in the good foods, even if you're not yet removing some of the not so good stuff! The more whole real foods we eat, the less room we have for the processed and not so healthy stuff! Feed your body and our soul!

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